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Saturday, November 4, 2006

Spawn/Batman | Comics

spawn and batman
Spawn/Batman | Comics
The creature of night and bane of the criminal minds, Batman is now in New York city, investigating a huge storage of high-tech weaponries. He suspects that this hidden arsenal belongs to the soviet, but yet not sure. After dealing with a small gang of thugs, he is suddenly attacked by a huge cyborg that severely beat him down within seconds. With a cybernatic gauntlet that he found in the armory, Batman fights the robot back before it could puddle him any further. And after quite an effort, he eventually disables the cyborg assailant but to his surprise, he finds out a human inside the cybernetic exoskeleton but with no organs except for the head. Just as he was about to save the man in the exo-suit, the robot self destructs itself, rendering the head lifeless before spilling any information.

Two sick minded street jerks tried to put a sleeping homeless man on fire just for kicks but the fire chased them instead. While running for their lives, they met the lieutenant of Hell, Spawn. Spawn puts them both on hellfire to teach them a lesson for their deeds. Batman engages Spawn by surprise and these two creatures of night fights an intense battle and beat each other up to the end. Spawn faces one of the cyborgs but quickly subdues it. Soon, Batman and Spawn came into terms that they both are looking for one common enemy that has a major sinister agenda which if not stopped in time will cost many innocent lives.

For more information on the one shot crossover, you can check out these links below.

Spawn/Batman (Comics) Wikipedia

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todd mcfarlane spawn
Crusaders of Night
spawn batman comic
The Dark Vigilantes
Here is your link for "Spawn/Batman" One-Shot inter-company crossover storyline from DC Comics and Image Comics.


Following the success of their popular superhero character Batman and Spawn, DC Comics and Image Comics jointly published this one-shot inter-company crossover in 1994. Writer Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Strikes Again) and Spawn's creator Todd McFarlance were assigned to create the plot where this two fan favorite superhero will meet each other and will create history and it surely is going to leave a mark. However, despite being a spectacular one-shot crossover, this storyline does not take place in the regular continuity of the respected characters own monthly ongoing series and does not effect any of their current plot.
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Monday, March 20, 2006

Spawn – Death and Rebirth | Comics

CIA director Jason Wynn was previously abducted by the agents of Heaven and transformed into an Anti-Spawn AKA The Redeemer to kill Hellspawn. When he returned, his two-days long disappearance starts sparks of question among his peers and also the White House is not too pleased at his vague explanation for the sudden departure.

On top of that, he discovers a security breach from an upstate armory when some secret files gone missing. His prime suspect is Terry Fitzgerald and Wynn puts him under his surveillance. Back from his fight with The Redeemer, Spwan was hanging out with the street bums he lives with.

spawn image comics tpb
Spawn – Death and Rebirth | Comics

A mob goon comes to the alley looking for him and upon a violent confrontation, the spills up the name of his employer Don Vito Gravano. Vito Gravano is pissed at the fact that suddenly his city is running rampant with demons, magic and clowns, which interrupts his business. So, he hired the cyborg assassin called Overtkill and Spwan trashed it down.

He's about to bring back the cyborg of destruction again to deal with the costumed invader and his friend Fitzgerald. Meanwhile, Terry is ambushed at his home and his family is kidnapped. He's been threatened to show up at the Bowery Alleyways. Unbeknown to what's waiting for him, Terry shows up to find out a re-formed Overtkill.

As Al Simmons was about to reach out to Terry to save his life in time, he is apprehended by detective Sam Burke and Twitch Williams. When they are all wrapped up, Spawn has to face the fierce mutant-cyborg named Tremor.

todd mcfarlane spawn comics
Circle of The Hunt

Here is your links for “Spawn – Death and Rebirth" storyline from Image Comics in issues.

Spawn 21

Spawn 22

Spawn 23

Spawn 24

Spawn 25

Here is your link for “Spawn – Death and Rebirth" storyline from Image Comics.

Spawn – Death and Rebirth

Even though death is the end of anyone else's life, Al Simmons has been experiencing otherwise. Old friends and enemies returns to settle their scores again with Simmons. The tale of Simmons' life as a Hellspawn continues after "Escalation" in issues #21-25 of the first monthly ongoing volume of Spawn from Image Comics, that collects into the story "Death and Rebirth".

todd mcfarlane spawn
Demons In Dark Places

The sroryline of is plotted by Todd McFarlane (Haunt, Image United), who served as both writer and artist for the first four issues and then artist Marc Silvestri (The Darkness, Hunter-Killer) joins him for the final issue of the arc. The plot is concluded in the next chapter titled "Pathway to Judgement".
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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Spawn – Escalation | Comics

spawn image comics
Spawn – Escalation | Comics
As a part of a secret atomic bomb testing in the Nevada desert opened a door to another dimension and it turn out to be the doorway to Hell. Troops were sent to investigate but they never came back to report. A substance that composed the Hell dimension was discovered, which is dubbed Psychoplasm because of its nature of reacting to manifest construct out of one’s greatest fear. When CIA director Jason Wynn has Al Simmons killed in action, he made a deal with Malebolgia for Psychoplasm. At the time of his death, a virtual town is created from Simmons’ memory, which Wynn has named Simmonsville and now he demonstrates Major Vale the destructive capability of his little private Hell by sending three volunteer soldiers there to get slaughtered.

Al Simmons’s last encounter with his fellow CIA agent and former partner Chapel has unveiled a new chapter of mystery in front of him. He desperately searches for the man who condemned him to this fate and decides to dig up his own grave to check out his corpse. Also, his recent battle with Angela has worried the Heaven of his power. So, looking for a human agent to destroy the Hellspawn, the Orbital Angel Station picks up Jason Wynn and transformed him into an Anti-Spawn AKA The Redeemer with Elemental Fire of Heaven. Redeemer’s near-limitless divine power seemingly overwhelms the knight of Hell as he starts dodging him to recover and fight back. If Spawn somehow survives this, he has yet to team-up with Harry Houdini to save the day. Again.
todd mcfarlane spawn comics
Reborn From Ashes
Here is your links for “Spawn – Escalation" storyline from Image Comics in issues.

Spawn 16

Spawn 17

Spawn 18

Spawn 19

Spawn 20
todd mcfarlane anti spawn redeemer
Harrier of Heaven

Here is your link for “Spawn – Escalation" storyline from Image Comics.

Spawn – Escalation

The previous storyline of Spawn monthly series has led everyone to a brand-new direction and a brilliant twist in the plot. Escalation is the five part story that is the continuation of Revelation and it is consists of issues #16-20 of the ongoing Image Comics series. Acclaimed writer Grant Morrison (Joe the Barbarian, Wonder Woman – Earth One) took the plotting duty and artist Greg Capullo (The Creech, Haunt) gave the series protagonist a new edge. Writer Andrew Grossberg and Tom Orzechowski also penned two of the final issues of the story and despite being holding back as the penciller, creator Todd McFarlane (Amazing Spider-Man, Image United) did served as an inker for issue #20. Death and Rebirth is the next story in the line of Spawn stories chronicling Al Simmons’ hellish journey to find redemption.
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Sunday, January 8, 2006

Spawn – Revelation | Comics

spawn comics
Spawn – Revelation | Comics
Jason Wynn, former boss of Al Simmons and CIA chief, also the man responsible for Al’s assassination at the first place is being suspicions of Al’s best friend Terry Fitzgerald after having reports of suspicion on him by his men. He thinks that Terry is gathering classified information that might prove harmful to him. So, Wynn is planning to get rid of him as he did before with Al. With all the power and resources at his disposal and Simmons out of the equation, it’s about time he wipes Terry out of the picture. Meanwhile, two agents of the agency pays a visit on behalf of their boss to Terry for properly advising him about the dire consequences he and his family might face if he takes any further steps against WynnSam and Twitch is still troubled with the murder of Billy Kincaid.

Spawn is still ridden with the shock of his own death and the separation with his widowed wife Wanda Blake. He was having a booze party along with the street bums of New York that he gave protection to but also remembers who his killer is. His old friend Chapel did it once and now he is confident that he can kill Simmons one more time. The clown henchman of the devil; The Violator recalls an age old encounter of him with the Hellspawn of Medieval Age which took place ages ago. As his pathetic butt was being ridiculously kicked out by the Medieval Spawn, he describes a fake story of his own featuring fearsome counters to promote his viciousness. This one becomes an imaginary and vague narration of the evil of his own sadistic history to entertain himself a little.
the violator spawn
The Violator Returns
Here is your links for “Spawn – Beginnings" storyline from Image Comics in issues.

Spawn 12

Spawn 13
medieval spawn comic
The Medieval Hellspawn

Spawn 14

Spawn 15

Here is your link for “Spawn – Beginnings" storyline from Image Comics.

Spawn – Revelation

Following the path of “Beginnings” and “Dark Discoveries”, Revelation is the third storyline of Image Comics' Spawn monthly ongoing series featuring the titular hero and his afterlife adventures. The story took place back in 1993 from issues #12-15 of the first monthly ongoing comic series of Spawn and the character Badrock from Youngblood also makes an appearance along with two other of his team members in between the issues. The plot and artwork credit goes to the character’s legendary creator Todd McFarlane (Amazing Spider-Man, Image United). This book leads the chronicles of Spawn to the next chapter: Escalation.
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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Angela | Comics

To keep the darkness of existence in check, Angela is a warrior of Heaven assigned to eliminate the hosts of Hellspawn over the centuries. She is perhaps the best among her kind and also the most experienced as she has killed 30 of them. However, when she faced Al Simmons in combat, she experienced defeat for the first time. She was tested on a trial on her 100,000th birthday for treason and her greatest rival comes to testify for her but things went wrong and they are forced to flee.

spawn angela image comics
Angela | Comics

In the final battle between Spawn and Malebolgia, she came in aid for the latter and gutted the demon with her Dimensional Lance. When she was leaving Hell, she is impaled by Malebolgia with her own weapon. Spawn carried her away and a group of angels comes to take Angela's body.

When Wolverine unintentionally damages the time-stream of the Omniverse during Age of Ultron, Angela is dragged from Heven and found her way into Midgard. Looking for revenge on the one responsible for bringing her here, she engages in a fight with Gamora but then is assisted by Guardians of the Galaxy on her quest.

Later, Uatu, the Watcher's eye reveals that she is the daughter of Odin and the long-lost sister of Thor and Loki, an Asgardian named Aldrif Odinsdottir. She was apparently killed in the Queen of Angels as a child and Odin then severs the link to other Nine Realms from Heven. This revelation and afterward a trip to Heven to exorcize Surtur's spirit from her younger sister Laussa Odinsdottir revoked her entrance in Tenth Realm permanently.

For more information on Angela comics series, you can check out these links below.

Angela (Comics) Wikipedia

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angela guardians of the galaxy
Asgard's Prodigal Daughter

Here is your links for "Angela" comics from Image Comics and Marvel Comics.

Image Comics Continuity:

Spawn – Dark Discoveries

Spawn – Pathway to Judgement

Angela's Hunt

Curse of the Spawn, Book 3 – Shades of Grey

Angela/Glory – Rage of Angels

Spawn 100

Marvel Comics Continuity:

Age of Ultron

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 02 – Angela

Original Sin

Angela – Asgard's Assassin Vol 01 – Priceless

Angela – Queen of Hel – Journey to the Funderworld

Introduced in Todd McFarlane (Image United, The Incredible Hulk)’s creator owned ongoing series Spawn from Image Comics as a recurring nemesis for the titular character, Angela was created by writer Neil Gaiman (Death – The High Cost of Living, Death – The Time of Your Life) and McFarlane. The initial concept was conceived by Gaiman and McFarlane drew the lines to flesh it out. Years after debuting in “Dark Discoveries” storyline, the character start appearing in the series more often as well as making appearances in Curse of the Spawn storyline “Shades of Grey”, her own limited series Angela's Hunt by Gaiman and Greg Capullo (Haunt, Quasar) and in Youngblood.

angela marvel queen of hel
Heven's Bounty Hunter

After resolving the legal disputes between Gaiman and McFarlane over the right of the character, the latter owned the rights and he then sells it to Marvel Comics. With the Age of Ultron crossover mini-event, Angela is launched in the mainstream Marvel Universe and since then she played important part in Asgard's Assassin, Original Sin and Queen of Hel.
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Spawn – Dark Discoveries | Comics

An unscheduled demolition by the Mafia leveled up an entire building that belonged to a multinational firm who refused to cooperate with them. The flattening was performed by a cyborg assassin called Overtkill who also trashed the army troops on his way home. Spawn goes against Overtkill, hired by the local mob that is clearly disturbed by his interference in their work lately.

spawn comics
Spawn – Dark Discoveries | Comics

As he keeps perishing the goons and they are fade up on keep losing their men to him. After a good fight, Overtkill outmatches Spawn, causes him to run away only to come back when fully prepared. He soon demands a re-match against the cyborg killer. They met in the alleyways and fights again but this time Spawn’s heavy array of weaponaries proved more than his new cybernetic foe could handle.

Also, Spawn meets Cogliostro, another Hellspawn but he is an opposite to the clown Violator, he acts more like an advocate of him. A centuries old powerful arch nemesis from the side of Haven named Angela makes her appearance in the game. Angela used to prey upon the hosts of Hellspawn from the Medieval era to modern time by disguising herself as a helpless woman desperately seeking for protection.

Upon the arrival of her prey, she slowly lured them all into her trap before hunting them down. Though she was proven very effective for centuries to track down and hunt the Hellspawns, she faced the current Spawn only to be defeated by him for the first time ever in the history of her entire kind.

spawn vs overkill
Opposed by Cyborg Assilant

Here is your links to buy “Spawn – Dark Discoveries" from Image Comics in issues on Amazon.

Spawn 06

Spawn 07

Spawn 08

Spawn 09

Spawn 11

Here is your links to buy “Spawn – Dark Discoveries" from Image Comics in issues on Amazon.

Spawn – Dark Discoveries

Dark Discoveries” is the second story arc of the Spawn monthly ongoing series from Image Comics preceded by the “Beginnings” storyline of the same series. The arc collects issue #06-09 and issue #11 from the first volume of the Spawn series, written by series creator Todd McFarlane (Amazing Spider-Man, Image United) with writer Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta) and Neil Gaiman (Death, The Sandman).

todd mcfarlane spawn
A Fight To Standstill

Apart from writing the plots for the series, McFarlane drawn the masterful story pages all by himself. This story arc is next succeeded by "Spawn - Revelation" and like the previous line, issues regarding the tale was a tribute to comic book legend Stan Lee (Doctor Strange, Fantastic Four), Rob Liefeld (X-Force, Youngblood), Harvey Kurtzman and Gil Kane.
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