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Superman Reborn | Comics

Following the entire world witnessing "The Final Days of Superman" while a Superman from another world was present, a mysterious Clark Kent also showed up, who is not a Man of Steel though. During the Doomsday incident at Metropolis, he met Superman and Lex Luthor, both surprised to see him. He then starts feeling for Lois Lane and she finds every similarity among him and her husband quite uncanny and disturbing.

superman reborn dc comics
Superman Reborn | Comics

Alarmed by a sudden breach at his Fortress of Solitude, Superman rushes to find out that Superwoman is in critical condition and brought in by his friend Steel. As he tends to see Lana, his nemesis Blanque taunts him by calling his civilian name. Superman figures out a way to save the life of Superwoman by putting her into a Kryptonian battle armor. At the same time, a team of explorers led by Hank Henshaw were trying to locate Superman's Fortress of Solitude but things go wrong for them.

Somewhere else, in the secret prison of Mister Oz, Tim Drake teases him stating that one of his prisoners got away already. As he goes to investigate towards a tower, he finds numerous drawings of the Man of Steel inside the walls of the tower.

Realizing about his feelings towards Lois, the mysterious Clark eventually proposes her, only to be declined politely. Following Lois back to her home after she rejected his proposal of marriage, Clark reaches at the Smith Farm to discover that she already have a family and it really cracked him up. Lois was celebrating her anniversary with her husband, when finally coming to the realization of his identity, the other Clark shows up at their front door and leave a photo album titled "The Kents" and disappeared like a ghost.

They saw fire in their house and suddenly everything around them starts getting erased, including their son Jon. Superman and Lois heads to Metropolis seeking for answers and Clark changed into Bizarro, Brainiac, Cyborg Superman, Doomsday, Lex Luthor, Mongul and Parasite one by one, asking to say his name. Superman figure out it was Mister Mxyzptlk and the imp erased Jon from existence for big-blue forgetting him.

lois and clark dc comics
Chronicle of The Kents

Here is your links to buy "Superman Reborn" from DC Comics in issues on Amazon.

01. Action Comics 973

02. Action Comics 974

03. Superman V4 18

04. Action Comics 975

05. Superman V4 19

06. Action Comics 976

Here is your links to buy "Superman Reborn" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Superman Reborn (Softcover)

Superman Reborn (Hardcover)

Bringing answers to many questions since the beginning of DC Rebirth, "Superman Reborn" crossover aims to clear up certain things. The team of writers Dan Jurgens (Metamorpho – Year One, Superman/Doomsday – Hunter/Prey), Patrick Gleason (Brightest Day, Sinestro Corps War) and Peter Tomasi (Batman – Arkham Knight, Forever Evil – Arkham War) have collaborated with artists Art Thibert (Outsiders, Trinity), Doug Mahnke (Final Crisis, Justice League Elite), Patrick Zircher (Green Arrow – New 52, Suicide Squad – New 52) and Stephen Segovia (Action Comics – Men of Steel, Action Comics – Welcome to the Planet) to create this crossover.

mister oz dc rebirth
Mystery of Mister Oz

The story collects issues #973-976 of Action Comics and issues #18-19 of Superman monthly series from DC Comics. "Superman Reborn" has ushered a new chapter from where the mysteries of DC Rebirth will slowly unfold and deadly secrets will be revealed. The saga will be followed by "The New World" and "Black Dawn" storyline as the series progresses.
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