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Batman – The Man Who Laughs | Comics

The citizens of Gotham City are being murdered without an explanation by a mysterious maniac, each time leaving a ghastly grin on the faces of his victims. Captain James Gordon and other officers are investigating these murders in a warehouse full of corpses and Batman soon enters the scene working side by side with Gotham's law enforcement.

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Batman – The Man Who Laughs | Comics

The Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane is about to reopen again and while reporting the news on TV, a reporter faces the similar fate as the warehouse victims, laughing with the same grin on her face and the killer then threatens to kill the millionaires of Gotham City. He starts his killing spree by threatening and afterwards killing Henry Claridge with his face turning pale white by making him laugh to his death.

In spite of the best efforts Captain Gordon and his team has put to save him, he dies anyway. Batman too came to save Claridge but he successfully tracks down the mysterious killer who is reveled to be none other than the psychotic Clown Prince of Crime, who goes by the name of The Joker, an adversary who would become Batman's greatest enemy for life and an agent of chaos for Gotham City.

Next up, The Joker stages a break-out at Williams Medical Center but Batman's timely arrival had stopped the inmates from doing anything serious, yet Joker managed to kill Jay W. Wilde, whom he threatened to kill earlier. As his rampage subsequently terrorizes Gotham, soon the murderous clown has declared to murder the famous billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.

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The Mirthful Menace

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Batman – The Man Who Laughs (Softcover)

Batman – The Man Who Laughs (Hardcover)

The Man Who Laughs is a one-shot comic-book issue that features the popular DC Comics character, Batman and his arch nemesis The Joker. This story is a new approach into the early encounters between Batman and The Joker, following the "Batman – Year One" story arc by Frank Miller (The Dark Knight ReturnsThe Dark Knight Strikes Again) where The Dark Knight started his career of vigilantism on Gotham City, that led The Joker down the path to his insanity (Batman – The Killing Joke) and for which he also held Batman responsible.

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That Smiley Face

This issue was written by writer Ed Brubaker (Batman – Gotham Noir, Batman – Turning Points) and the fine finishes were delivered by artist Doug Mahnke (Final Crisis, Justice League Elite). This one also features a side story titled "Made of Wood" which is from the issues #784–786 of the Detective Comics monthly ongoing.
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