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Deathstroke | Comics

Long before he turned into the world's deadliest and most highly sought assassin, Slade Wilson had a thing for combat techniques. He joined the army in his early teens and rose to the rank of Major in a very short time. Highly impressed at his skill set, his combat trainer Captain Adeline Kane fell in love with him and trained him in guerrilla warfare.

deathstroke the terminator
Deathstroke | Comics

Slade was drafted to Vietnam War while Adeline was pregnant and an event of massacring an entire village by his unit deeply scarred him. He joined a U.S. Military project for creating Meta-Human and then he secretly started operating as a mercenary. But his cover to his family is blown by the Jackal who kidnapped Slade’s son Joseph Wilson and the confrontation with his wife cost him his right eye and wearing a patch, he became Deathstroke.

He started antagonizing the Teen Titans and develops an animosity with Beast Boy by gravely injuring him. Then he used Terra as a mole inside the Titans to take them down (Judas Contract). With help from his son Jericho, Nightwing took him down. During Titans Hunt, Slade was hired by Doom Patrol to seek out the Titans.

He lost Jericho in fight but later seen controlling Rose Wilson AKA The Ravager. In a confrontation against the Justice League, Green Arrow pissed him off and Slade grew a feud on him. Slade was a member of Lex Luthor’s Secret Society and hired Nightwing to train Rose. One Year Later, Slade came back at Green Arrow, formed Titans East, started manipulating Batgirl and joined the League of Assassins to control Damian Wayne against Batman.

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Warrior Vs. Killer

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Before the release of the movie The Terminator, originally Slade Wilson was known as Deathstroke the Terminator, a fictional character invented for DC Comics by Marv Wolfman (Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC Universe Online – Legends) and George Perez (Final Crisis – Legion of 3 Worlds, Wonder Woman). Appearing on the second issue of The New Teen Titans monthly series in 1980, Deathstroke soon made a name for himself in the comic book industry.

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Slayer of Heroes

Aside from his clashes with superheroes like Batman, Green Arrow, Teen Titans and Justice League, he was a key character in major events and storylines such as Family Lost, No Man's Land, Identity Crisis, Justice League Elite, Infinite Crisis, Road to Jericho, Final Crisis, Blackest Night, The Return of Bruce Wayne and Brightest Day. Before DC Comics rebooted their timeline to The New 52, Slade Wilson appeared briefly in the “Flashpoint” crossover to die at the hand of Aquaman.
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