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Sinestro | Comics

Before his fall from the grace, Thaal Sinestro of Korugar was chosen by the Guardians of the Universe as a member of the Green Lantern Corps for his fearlessness. Aside from protecting his assigned Sector 1417, he became one of the greatest among all. He even took Hal Jordan as a rookie under his tutelage who turned out to be the greatest Green Lantern ever.

sinestro dc comics
Sinestro | Comics

He was a close friend to Abin Sur and was married to his sister Arin Sur. Following Abin Sur’s death at the hands of Atrocitus, Sinestro becomes stressful and eventually became a dictator of Korugar and led him to conflict with the Corps. With help from the Weaponers of Qward, Sinestro then forged a yellow power ring to oppose the Green Lantern Corps when during banishment to the Antimatter Universe.

Sinestro was imprisoned in the Central Power Battery throughout Crisis on Infinite Earths but he defeated the Green Lanterns and The Parallax after draining the Oan Power Battery. With the return of Parallax afterwards, he also returned and joined Lex Luthor's Secret Society after clashing with Kyle Rayner and Green Arrow.

As the Multiverse was restored on post Infinite Crisis, the Anti-Monitor was resurrected and the Sinestro Corps was formed for Sinestro Corps War. In the aftermath of the war the Red Lantern Corps is formed and led by Atrocitus, who crucified him. Sinestro fought the demon Nekron in Blackest Night alongside the other spectrum Corps and had a fierce encounter with the dreaded Mongul regarding taking back the charge of the Corps back from him.

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The Second Rebirth

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Making his debut on the second volume of monthly ongoing Green Lantern issue #7 in 1961, Sinestro is a major antagonist character in the fictional universe of DC Comics. Writer John Broome and artist Gil Kane was responsible for the introduction of the character that was introduced as a hero and would become one of the greatest villains in the long run. Sinestro was also quite influential in Brightest Day and War of the Green Lanterns.

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In Brightest Day

Since the “Flashpoint” crossover event rebooted the entire timeline, Sinestro emerged with a new starting point in The New 52. Other than appearing in DC’s regular continuity, there is a few other version of Sinestro that exists in the 52 Multiverse, Futures End and Injustice – Gods Among Us continuity.

In other media, Sinestro appeared on Superman – The Animated Series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Static Shock, The Batman and Batman – The Brave and the Bold TV Series. The role was voiced by Victor Garber in the animated feature Green Lantern – First Flight and by Jason Isaacs in Green Lantern – Emerald Knights. Actor Mark Strong portrayed Sinestro in the live-action Green Lantern movie in 2011.
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