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Nightwing | Comics

Dick Grayson leaves his Robin pixie boots behind to pursue high-flying solo action as acrobatic super-hero Nightwing!

The young son of late John and Mary Grayson of the acrobat family act "Flaying Grayson" from The Haley Circus, Dick Grayson would become the first Robin, when he was adopted by Batman following the death of his parents and trained the boy to be his sidekick.

The boy grown to his own shades under the cape and become an ally in crime-fighting who can take on almost any members of Batman's Rogues Gallery if he has to. Then evidently, there came a time when he had a major tiff with The Dark Knight about his duties and priorities, which led him to be fired and he finally left The Shadow of the Bat.

Nightwing: Year One
Following a faceoff against Clayface, Dick Grayson was fired by his mentor for lack of dedication to their crusade and is banished from Batcave. Since his days of fighting crime as Robin is over, he didn't know what to do next and goes to meet Clark Kent at the Daily Planet. After a small adventure with Superman, these two talks about the situation.

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Nightwing | Comics

Dick took inspiration from a legendary figure of Krypton named Nightwing, who similarly used a persona to continue his heroic deeds and goes back to Haly's Circus to find a calling. There he would meet with the ghostly apparition of Deadman and hang out with his old pals before he dons a new costume to get back at what he does best with his talent.

He visits Gotham City for a meet and greet with Commissioner Gordon to let him know that he will be flying solo from now on. Dick then hitched a ride around the city with Batgirl to take a quick tour to Arkham Asylum re-introduce his new persona to The Joker before raiding the Iceberg Lounge that Penguin owns to upset him a little bit.

Meanwhile, Batman encounters a young boy named Jason Todd in Crime Alley that would become the second Robin and cross paths with him during the Gauntlet but eventually ended up working together to save a kidnapped Alfred from Killer Croc. Instead of seeing eye-to-eye with Bruce, he sends a message to him via Barbara about moving on.

Grayson continues to serve justice as Nightwing but is still connected to and considered as an invaluable team-member of the Batman Family. Though his fighting skills are next to The Dark Knight himself, he also possesses nearly the same intellect as Batman.

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The Flying Grayson

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Nightwing is a fictional superhero who appears in the DC Comics monthly issue and his own series featuring storylines like DC One Million, Year One, Cataclysm, No Man's Land, The Hunt For Oracle, Joker - Last Laugh, Bruce Wayne - Murderer?, Bruce Wayne - Fugitive, War Games, Villains United, Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul, Batman R.I.P., Faces of Evil and Origins and Omens.

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Knights of Justice

The concept of Dick Grayson becoming the new vigilante hero known as Nightwing was the developed idea of Marv Wolfman (DC Universe Online – Legends, Deathstroke the Terminator) and George Pérez (Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman), back in 1984.

This volume had a run from October 1996 to April 2009. The whole series contains 155 issues excluding annuals and other special issues. Following the "Flashpoint" crossover, the entire DC Comics timeline had gone through a reboot and in The New 52 timeline Dick Grayson also got a rebooted solo Nightwing ongoing series.
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