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Parallax | Comics

Signifying the living embodiment of fear, Parallax is a demonic entity who exists from the very beginning of time. Not only the parasitic creature can sense fear in any living organism and can control individuals with fear, it is able to ruin entire civilizations by creating massive paranoia among the populace.

parallax dc comics
Parallax | Comics

On Maltus, the homeworld of the Guardians of the Universe, Parallax was conserved ages ago and then he was taken from there and the Guardians locked him up with the energy of willpower in the Central Power Battery on Oa. Lying dormant within the Power Battery for over a billion years, Parallax waited for the right time for his release.

For the greater good, its existence was kept a secret to everyone and it weakened the green power rings against the color yellow. Because of this particular reason, the being is also referred as "The Yellow Impurity" of the green rings and the Guardians were more selective while recruiting new members for Green Lantern Corps; looking for great willpower among them to master the ring against yellow.

Then along came Sinestro, who gone from a Green Lantern to an enemy of the Corps. His imprisonment inside the Oan Battery awakens Parallax and the parasite took over Hal Jordan. However, Jordan was eventually able to break free of its influence and reborn afterwards (Green Lantern – Rebirth) as well as the creature itself. Later Green Lantern Kyle Rayner also become Parallax's host during Sinestro Corps War and joined the newly formed Corps as a herald of Anti-Monitor.

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The Living Fear

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Considered as one of the most feared enemy in DC ComicsGreen Lantern mythology, Parallax implicates the personification of fear, which was created by Ron Marz, Darryl Banks, Geoff Johns (52, Infinite Crisis) and Ethan Van Sciver (The Flash – Rebirth, Impulse) in 1994. Although the creature was first introduced on the pages of Green Lantern issue #50 of the third monthly ongoing volume, Parallax’s detailed backstory was first shown to the "Agent Orange" storyline.

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Kyle Rayner Becomes Parallax

Following that, Parallax reborn in Blackest Night, continued its rampage by possessing The Flash in Brightest Day and later ascending on War of the Green Lanterns. Aside from his solo misadventures in many comic books, it became a part of the Sinestro Corps as well aside several other villains holding vendetta against the Green Lantern Corps. The villain also was the major antagonist in the 2011 live-action Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds.
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