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The Flash – The Secret of Barry Allen | Comics

The Flash reunites with Kid Flash and Jay Garrick before confronting the Justice League and learning a secret of Barry Allen.

Young superhero Wally West assumed the mantle of The Flash after his mentor Barry Allen to become Keystone City's greatest hero and a member of the Justice League. Wally is keeping up with the legacy of the fastest man alive by running alongside people and being more approachable to public than Batman, Superman or even Wonder Woman.

Earlier, his secret identity became public and his wife Linda Park was attacked by his former friend and the newest Reverse-Flash Hunter Zolomon AKA Zoom. Current moniker of The Spectre, Hal Jordan used his power to make everyone forget who he was, including himself but he figured his true calling in time and so did his wife after a while.

Running across the city, he sees a huge line of traffic and learns that they city is throwing a city to celebrate official "Flash Day" in Keystone. He goes back home to find a letter left by Linda for him saying she will be back after she clears her head. Wally calls for the Spectre only for Hal Jordan to show up and getting berated for trying to help him.

Meanwhile, Captain Cold, Mirror Master and Weather Wizard ask Doctor Alchemy for his support. Trickster came by to invite his peers to join him on crushing the parade with few of the fellow Rogues. Though not interested in their petty crime spree, he agrees to lend a hand when needed because they took care of his embarrassing imposter Mr. Element.

flash secret of barry allen dc comics
The Flash – The Secret of Barry Allen | Comics

Hearing a gunshot, he quickly suits up and heads out to catch the bullet fired by Plunder before someone gets hit by it. Flash tracks him down on a nearby rooftop before knocking him down and then shifts focus on Trickster causing explosions over the crowd. Down on the street, he is incapacitated by Tar Pit for Abra Kadabra to eventually reveal himself.

Jay Garrick and Kid Flash arrive as the Golden Giants unleashed by the villain starts tearing apart Keystone and helped save the day. They all are invited to the newly rebuilt Flash Museum and Wally is teleported to Watchtower, where members of Justice League members are looking for an explanation on why they can't remember who he was all along.

A race around the horizon with Man of Steel has finally convinced Flash to open up about what really happened. Rest of the JLA members, Teen Titans and every hero he worked with gets to know about his identity as well. He caught up with Nightwing and these two even busted Double Down, Girder and Penguin as they were cooking some new scheme.

Later, Dick asks for a tour of Flash Museum and when they were going through statues of The Rogues, one of them revealed to be Gorilla Grodd. The primate attacks the unsuspecting heroes with his mind powers but the creature has been dealt with but Wally then came out as a suspect for attempted murder of Ashley Zolomon next.

Sue Dibney was killed, which put the entire superhero community on a full alert and some suspect the involvement of Doctor Light. They go after him only to be greeted by Deathstroke and a well kept secret of a past incident came out to everyone. Knowing his uncle Barry Allen knew about the pact, Wally gets in quarrel with rest of the League.

Green Arrow talks to him about the event and hand him over a letter left behind by Barry, which turns out to be a confession letter detailing a mess regarding The Top. With help from Zatanna, he gave Roscoe his mind back and it literally flipped on them.

flash secret of barry allen dc comics justice league
Past Personal Crisis

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The Flash – The Secret of Barry Allen

A ten-part storyline, "The Secret of Barry Allen" collects issues #207-217 except #212 from the second monthly ongoing volume of The Flash comic-book series of DC Comics, plotted by renowned writer Geoff Johns (Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth) and drawn entirely by artist Howard Porter (JLA – New World Order, JLA – Tower of Babel).

Serving a self sufficient story on its own, "The Secret of Barry Allen" also served as a tie-in for "Identity Crisis" crossover event regarding the death of Sue Dibney and a worst secret kept by JLA members. The secret left behind for scarlet speedster by Barry Allen is one blast from past that is surely give Wally West a tough time in his upcoming adventures.

flash secret of barry allen dc comics ethan van sciver wally west
Legacy of Barry Allen

Aside from regular Justice League roster of Aquaman, Batman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Superman and Wonder Woman, characters like The Atom, Black Canary, Elongated Man, Firestorm, Green Arrow, Hawkman and Zatanna made cameo appearance. Heroes from Justice Society of America and Teen Titans did the same as well.

Following the event of "Blitz" and "Ignition", the fastest man alive has gotten some storyline build up for the current premise. This arc is succeeded by "Rogue War", which started running almost simultaneously when the current arc was already halfway through and then in a crossover with Wonder Woman in "Land of the Dead".
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