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The Flash – Rogue War | Comics

With two groups of Rogues of the Scarlet Speedster fighting each other, old nightmares return to haunt The Flash once again.

After years of fighting against The Flash, the group of villains calling themselves The Rogues has finally started to break up from within when some of them starts reforming by moving on and chose to go straight from that point. This didn't sit well with the rest like Captain Cold, Mirror Master and Weather Wizard, who stayed on their path.

Digger Harkness, the original Captain Boomerang got double crossed and killed during "Identity Crisis" fiasco earlier, many of his former peers have gathered to pay him respect for the last time. His long estranged son Owen Mercer took up his mantle and broke the coffin to reveal to everyone present that it was empty all along as F.B.I. has took the body.

Original Trickster, James Jesse now works for F.B.I. and now has the corpse of Boomerang to experiment on in an attempt to revive him for taking down his former teammates. After Kid Boomerang is taken in by Captain Cold and the remaining Rogues, he asked the team to help him find his father's corpse and Snart promised to do so.

Axel Walker AKA Trickster causes a city-wide havoc only for The Flash to intervene and take him to Iron Heights Prison but Mirror Master and Kid Boomerang sneaked him out before he could be interrogated by the speedster. Turns out, Tricksty actually went on to locate where they kept Digger's body under the cover of vandalizing the city.

The Flash – Rogue War | Comics

Reporter Linda Park gets a sudden visit from Zoom, the newest Reverse-Flash to inform her that he still knows about the secret identity of Wally West and he is not done with them yet. Hunter Zolomon then abducts the first Flash, Jay Garrick to power up a cosmic treadmill for his plan to make Wally a better hero by introducing more tragedy in his life.

Captain Cold then leads The Rogues break into F.B.I. headquarters looking for the body of the deceased Digger Harkness, so that his son Owen can properly bury him. Profiler Ashley Zolomon is kidnapped by Pied Piper on behalf of his superiors at F.B.I. to communicate with Digger when they "wake" him up but she refuses to cooperate with them.

As Snart and his gang was about to leave they came across James Jesse in his Trickster costume along with his reformed Rogues; Heat Wave, Magenta and Pied Piper standing on their way. A heated battle breaks in between the current and former Rogues in the middle of Central City that even caught the attention of the scarlet speedster as well.

As they try to kill each other, Wally West desperately tries to put a stop to this madness and The Top shows up to make matters worse. Now that his memories are restored, he decides to give back memories to the reformed Rogues to turn them back as they were. He also brought in Double Down, Girder, Murmur and Tarpit into the brawl against Flash.

Now that he is back at his villainous self just like everyone else, Jesse offers to Owen and Weather Wizard to take them to Digger's body to get back in. Finding Ashley with the corpse made them furious and goes for her life but Zoom arrives out of nowhere. He blasted the villains off before quickly moving his wife to safety.

The fastest man alive was having a hard time facing his enemies and things get rougher when Doctor Alchemy and Gorilla Grodd decide to join the party but Kid Flash reached out just in time to push Wally out of harm's way. Zoom shows up again followed by his arch-nemesis Eobard Thawne AKA Professor Zoom with a chained up Jay Garrick.

Running Hot and Cold

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The Flash – Rogue War

Following the events of "The Secret of Barry Allen", DC Comics assigned the duo of writer Geoff Johns (Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth) and artist Howard Porter (JLA – New World Order, JLA – Tower of Babel) for another storyline of Flash that collects issues #1/2, 212 and 218-225 from the second monthly ongoing titular comic-book series.

The storyline assembled a large number of Flash-villains caving into a conflict that started over their differences in perspective and ended up in all uniting against the fastest man alive, thanks to The Top who recently got his mind back. However, he was quickly sidelined from center stage and other villains' attempts to advance with their own agenda.

Battle of Rogues

In between the "Rogue War" arc of 2005, there is a Wonder Woman crossover in "Land of the Dead" that also features appearance of Wally West. This one actually served to bring back his arch-enemy Zoom into action again with help from Cheetah. They even formed a romantic relationship for a brief time when they teamed up against Diana and Wally.

Jay Garrick, Kid Flash and Professor Zoom rallies up to wrap the entire pointless clash between Rogues to each pursue their own plan. A past incident is revisited with familiar faces and the saga of Scarlet Speedster will continue in "Lightning In A Bottle" up next.
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