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Justice League – Origin | Comics

While investigate a recent extraterrestrial activity, Batman was chasing a Parademon on rooftops of Gotham and GCPD also got into their tail by start shooting them both. After blinding the police helicopters with smoke bombs, he tackles it down for interrogation but it got out and starts punching The Dark Knight on face. Green Lantern Hal Jordan came to the rescue as he was here to inquire about an unauthorized presence of a life-form from outer space and it escapes after destroying one of the choppers. Hal was surprised to know that Batman is a mere human who has no actual super powers.

GL rescues the copters using his constructs and then evade from the law-enforcers with Batman to follow the fleeing alien. Tracking down the mysterious creature, they discover a Father Box in a sewer and the Parademon explodes when Hal tried to go after it. Although they both are saved but his ring couldn't identify the object whereas Batman believes it to be an alien computer, so Jordan suggests that maybe the guy in Metropolis can help. Hopping on a jet construct, the heroes flew to the city of Superman.

As Bats and GL was flying over them, wide receiver Vic Stone scoring for his team a high school football game, whose father actually studies on super-humans. Upon reaching the city, they are immediately attacked by a suspicious Man of Steel at super-speed near a LexCorp building who initially thought them to be the enemy. Believing The Dark Knight is somehow connected to the mysterious Parademons, he charges at him demanding for answers but Hal returns for round-two only to make things worse that it already is.

justice league origin
Justice League – Origin | Comics

Being constantly slammed at by an enraged Kryptonian, he calls his friend Barry Allen from Central City for help. To get Superman out of their hair, The Flash arrived at the scene and knocked him over. Pointing out that, there is a misunderstanding between them, he was avoiding blows from Supes but then got hit by him eventually. Batman steps in to intervene and talk all of them down. When military arrives, they all flee through sewer system and head to an abandoned printing press for discuss their situation.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Victor goes to see his father Silas Stone studying a Father Box, which suddenly opens a Boom Tube, pouring Parademons in and blasting Victor apart. At the same time, another Boom Tube opens at and all four of these heroes got engaged with a large fleet of those creatures. Flash informs that citizens are being abducted by those winged monsters from all over the world. Wonder Woman was visiting Washington D.C. with Colonel Steve Trevor, where she saw the invasion on news and took off to join the battle.

After being severely wounded by the explosion, Victor Stone was on the brink of death and then is transformed by his father Silas Stone, who injected nanites into his son and applied Promethean skin graft as a last resort to save his life and he become Cyborg. He came online soon with streams of data buzzing through his ears and he starts hearing crazy noises, which overwhelmed him. Seeing his new grotesque appearance, he freaked out on his dad and then ran out of the facility.

Batman, Flash and Green Lantern were having a tough time halting the monsters but Superman was sweeping them off like dusts. Shortly, Diana plunges into the battlefield to join the heroes before Aquaman came out of ocean seeking the leader of this group. He brought a Parademon with him that he found planting a Father Box underwater. Friction arises regarding leadership among the assembled warriors when a Boom Tube opens and to everyone's shock, the evil god Darkseid of planet Apokolips sets foot on Earth.

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Enter, God of Apokolips

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Here is your links to buy "Justice League – Origin" from DC Comics on Amazon.

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In the aftermath of the major universe changing and reality altering "Flashpoint" crossover event, a new chronological run began which is the timeline of Prime Earth and is known as The New 52. A rebooted tale of how one of the greatest super-hero team in history was formed in the new universe is focused on "Justice League – Origin". The story is plotted by writer Geoff Johns (Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth) and artist extraordinaire Jim Lee (Batman – Hush, Superman – For Tomorrow), published by DC Comics in 2011, which collected the first six issues of Justice League second monthly ongoing series.

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Kneel Before Darkseid

Siding from the age-old established tale of forming the League on the first place, this plot takes a different dig at things and introduces the threat of Darkseid on a very early stage. This is most probably because, DC wanted to keep par with their current cinematic lineup from DC Extended Universe with their comic-book stories for the benefit of a new-age audience. A direct-to-video animated film titled "Justice League: War" was released on 2014, that has loosely adapted the storyline of this book. The arc is followed by "The Villain's Journey" by the same creator duo and their run ends with the second story.
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