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Batman – Detective Comics – Faces of Death | Comics

batman faces of death
Batman – Detective Comics – Faces of Death
 | Comics
Gotham's most dangerous criminal The Joker is on the loose and Batman is currently after him for 114 confirmed kills. In an undisclosed location, a man wearing mask made out of human skin approaches Joker on someone's order but soon got his throat ripped by the clown before being stabbed to death. Upon tracking him down, Batman breaks-into that hideout only to set him running and leaving a bag of explosives to go off. Only a split-second away from going after Joker, Batman hears an eleven years old girl named Olivia Carr asking for help. The G.C.P.D. arrives too but instead of helping the girl, they get busy with Bats. It was not until Commissioner Gordon ordered his men to stop shooting at him as they were following Mayor Hady's order.

The Joker successfully lured a team of Gotham City Police officers into a trap and killing them all in a rigged explosion. He eventually got chased by Batman and have exchanged few blows before getting captured. He is left at Arkham Asylum in care of Dr. Jeremiah Arkham and shortly after everyone leaves him alone, The Dollmaker enters the room. It appears that getting caught by Batman was an elaborated plan by the psycho to get in here and he asked Dollmaker to carve up the skin off his face. Leaving his face skin pinned to the wall of Arkham, Joker leaves. Soon, a reporter named Charlotte Rivers persuades Bruce Wayne and they both end up in dating. Things would escalate when the psychotic serial-killer Dollmaker clears his obsession to have Batman as an extremely valuable collectible item.

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Cronies and Impostors
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Night of The Dollmaker

Batman – Detective Comics – Faces of Death (Softcover)

Batman – Detective Comics – Faces of Death (Hardcover)

In wake of The New 52, the second monthly ongoing volume of Detective Comics takes things straight high with Batman and The Joker. The plot was both written and drawn by Tony Daniel (Deathstroke – New 52, Justice League – New 52), who brings the same psychological thriller vibe into Detective Comics again. Events taken in this storyline, such as a confrontation of Batman with G.C.P.D. forces and Joker, carries some resemblance to Frank Miller's iconic The Dark Knight Returns book. Also, the opening splash-page of the first issue is an homage to another panel from All-Star Batman and Robin by artist Jim Lee (Batman – Hush, Superman – For Tomorrow). Collecting issues #01-07 from The New 52's Detective Comics monthly series, this storyline serves as a prologue for 2013's DC Comics crossover event "Death of the Family".
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