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Wonder Woman – War-Torn | Comics

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Wonder Woman – War-Torn | Comics
As she dealt with the menace of First Born, Diana has allowed her Amazonian "brothers" who used to work for Hephaestus into Themyscira. This worries her sisters and led many of them to question her judgment, most prominently by Derinoe, who believes that Diana is not a worthy heir of Hippolyta and thus, attempts to replace her with a worthy one. Before she could defend her actions, Wonder Woman is called by Justice League for an emergency. It appears that the entire populace of a village has vanished and during her investigation, she met with Swamp Thing and attacked him for suspecting him responsible but then talked down by Aquaman. She admits that she is troubled with her duty as a Queen, a member of Justice League and now as the God of War!

A part of being Pantheon of Olympians and being involved in the affairs of her brothers have kept her so busy that she barely has time for her. When returned to Paradise Island, Diana is summoned by the council of Amazons to choose between her duties as a Queen or a savior of humanity. Meanwhile, Derinoe convinces her daughter to give up her own child to a powerful sorceress for a ritual that will forge the perfect Amazon from clay. Therefore, young Donna Troy is born to be a successor of Hippolyta's throne by defeating Wonder Woman. But before they could even face each other in battle, Derinoe's hatred leads Troy to do something that will infuriate the Amazon Queen. Also, an unexpected heart-breaking bad news waits for Diana that will torn her forever.

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Challenger to The Throne
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War and Conflict

Wonder Woman – War-Torn (Softcover)

Wonder Woman – War-Torn (Hardcover)

Since the beginning of The New 52, things have escalated from the "Blood" storyline to the current status quo of Wonder Woman as she is now the God of War! DC Comics brings the team of writer Meredith Finch (Grimm Fairy Tales, Grimm Fairy Tales – Tales from Oz) and artist David Finch (Brightest Day, Forever Evil) to usher a new chapter of Wonder Woman, which also marks the first appearance of Donna Troy on Prime Earth. Batman, Cyborg, Flash and Superman also made brief appearance throughout the course of the plot. Among many other events took place lately, Superman's transformation after encountering Doomsday (Superman – Doomed) as well as Diana's ascension to a God of Olympus was mentioned. War-Torn is followed up by "A Twist of Fate" and "Resurrection" arcs next before the launch of DC Rebirth.
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