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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Judge Dredd – The American Way of Death | Comics

Right after Judge Dredd is banished to moon, the Dark Judges has returned to Mega-City One to turn it into a city of dead.

Previously, Judge Tarjay went rogue by starting a killing spree of Judges and managed to frame Judge Dredd for colluding with him that earned him a life sentence on Titan moon. Dredd only made a fake confession in order to save his colleague Judge Anderson of Psi Division but it was too late for her and made way for Dark Judges to return.

Their leader Judge Death leads way to a slaughter at Grand Hall of Justice and all attempts of stopping him remains futile. Chief Justice barely made it out with Judge Cal with a few others but remaining officers fall victim to Judge Fear and Judge Mortis.

Judge Karyn reports back to Omar from streets of Mega-City One on Judge Choke, Fistula, Skinner, Sleep, Sludge and Stigmata as they terrorize its citizens. Her attempts of engaging Burroughs was cut short when he dropped a structure on her and then sees a group of people building a humanoid like formation, calling it Metastasis.

Seeing things getting out of control, Judge Cal suggests to Chief Justice that they abandon Sector One and destroy it with air-strikes before declaring an immediate martial law to all neighboring sectors. An announcement of relocation was made based on priority class and all the bottom dwellers knew that they are surely drokked now!

judge dredd comics idw 2000 ad duane swierczynski
Judge Dredd – The American Way of Death | Comics

Back on Titan, prison moon of Saturn, Dredd arrived for his sentence during an ongoing revolt and reluctantly goes out with a laser whip to restore order. He came across someone who he thought to be former Judge Harvies but suddenly blown up before exchanging more words and is taken into a secure location to tend to his injuries.

Surprisingly, Judge Omar showed up at their doorstep bearing news of how Sector One has been taken over by Dark Judges upon being transported on Titan by Judge Blank. Whom he thinks as Harvies is a girl named Pachoda living in his body after she was tricked and they both decides to get back to Earth even for different reasons.

No sooner had they faced Blank, it sucked them in together and Dredd saw that "Harvies" was telling truth after all. By the time they arrived, Sector One of Mega-City One has been decimated beyond recognition and unaware of their arrival, Judge Cal orders to raise containment shield halfway through evacuation of its populace.

Nearing its wall, they saw Metastasis approaching towards them and real "Harvies" begging for their help. After taking on Judge Choke without any firepower, Dredd blew up Sludge and Pachoda ran to secure her real body but smacked away.

Meanwhile, Karyn informs Chief Justice about picking up signals of Joseph Dredd when she tried to contact Omar and it prompted Cal to secretly order any remaining officers there to capture Joe. Apparently, Dark Judges are having some trouble controlling Blank, probably because it was using host body of deceased Judge Anderson.

Sleep tried to confront Pachoda without much effect but Stigmata managed to influence her. Joe allowed to be arrested in order to meet Chief Justice and make everyone listen to him for once. He took everyone to the deserted land of Cursed Earth where he previously encountered a being that can actually save Mega-City One right now.

judge dredd idw 2000 ad dark judges nelson daniel
Onslaught of Dark Judges

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Judge Dredd 17

Judge Dredd 18

Judge Dredd 19

Judge Dredd 20

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Judge Dredd – The American Way of Death

In continuation of "City Limits", "The Long Fail", "Into The Cursed Earth" and "Thirteen Badges" arcs, writer Duane Swierczynski (Godzilla, Harbinger Wars) and artist Nelson Daniel (Joe Hill's The Cape, Wild Blue Yonder) has returned with "The American Way of Death" storyline in Judge Dredd monthly ongoing series from IDW Comics.

Swierczynski has been developing towards a major surprise entry for one Dredd's most vicious and unstoppable enemies into IDW continuity for some time and Daniel has provided his ever so charismatic charm while re-introducing Dark Judges.

judge dredd comics idw 2000 ad dark judges shane pierce
Horrors from Deadworld

Joseph Dredd has been going through a lot since his partner seemingly died and many of his colleagues killed by a rogue Lawman. However, he found his way back to serve justice on his beloved city once again and though he was unable to save it from destruction, he is hell-bent on avenging it even at the expense of his own life.

Bonus back-up stories from previous adventures have started to connect threads and all coming together nicely as well. "The American Way of Death" collects issues #17-20 from the monthly comic-book series and takes us to "Black Light District" up next for drawing a conclusion to a reign of chaos on Mega-City One led by Death himself.
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Judge Dredd – Thirteen Badges | Comics

Returning to Mega-City One from Cursed Earth, Judge Dredd goes after an assassin who is killing off Judges.

As his investigation on Circuit Court and their robot revolution led him to Woodrell County Park into the wasteland of Cursed Earth and having an intense face-off against notorious Angel Gang (Into The Cursed Earth), Judge Dredd returns to Mega-City One with a mutie named Dannn with precog abilities that guided him on this operation.

While Dredd was resting in Justice Department's sleep machine unit after a few restless days of duty, fellow Judge McGivern was patrolling over Sector 13 on and was suddenly ambushed by an unknown assailant, which got her off-balanced from her ride and before she could get up back to her feet, she is shot dead on spot by that person.

Regarding this incident, Judge Cal immediately confronts Joe to inquire him and his unofficial leave from duty earlier. It appears McGivern was one of nine other Judges who were all mysteriously killed by an unidentified attacker over last few days and although Joseph Dredd wasn't responsible at all, he didn't even knew about it.

Judge Cal believes this one is a handiwork of someone of their own from Special Judicial Squad as this killer was well aware of patrolling routines of those deceased street Judges and some initial investigation with Judge Anderson has led Dredd to assume renegade Judge Tarjay as a prime suspect for this whole assassination plot.

judge dredd idw
Judge Dredd – Thirteen Badges | Comics

Anderson of Psi Division was giving precog Dannn a tour of Judges Academy and they both sensed something wrong. Dannn states that he sees her death coming and the suddenly, the sniper shows up right behind them to sneak attack on Anderson but Dannn jumped right in time to take the bullet that was meant for her.

Even though she shot back at the killer, he made a quick escape via some black market cloaking tech. Dredd and Anderson figure out whoever is taking out the Judges know about them well and took them down when they were in the uniform.

Surveillance feed does show an image of this killer for a brief moment and as they were about to head back to morgue at Justice Department, they are attacked again. This time, Dredd fires back and while they were taking cover, a few civilians were shot and vanished using his D-Jump Tech before Anderson could get a read on him.

Before they take any more steps to pursue their attacker, Judge Cal quickly reached there and arrested Joe for disobeying a direct order to stay out of this matter. He is taken in for some questioning while his partner was running some check.

In the meantime, Tarjay sneaks into morgue to check on the corpses of fallen Judges and when he is discovered, he takes a witness to Deadworld and then kills her. Maintaining a telepathic link, Anderson reached to an address following instruction from Joe where she encounters Tarjay and discovered his true motives for killing Judges.

However, their psychic link is soon discovered by Dredd's prosecutors and as they try to shut it down, he violently makes a break out of it out of desperation to help his partner but is subdued within moments. As he lies bloodied on the ground after taking a savage beating, Judge Anderson remains stranded on uncertain shores of fate.

judge dredd volume 4 comics idw 2000 ad nelson daniel
Executioner of Judges

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Judge Dredd 13

Judge Dredd 14

Judge Dredd 15

Judge Dredd 16

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Judge Dredd – Thirteen Badges

Ever since IDW started re-publishing monthly ongoing series of 2000AD's very own tough cop Judge Dredd in an all-new glory from, things have gotten a lot better than it could ever be. "Thirteen Badges" is a four-part storyline that draws conclusion to what was being built up until now and makes path to a dark new beginning.

Series regular writer Duane Swierczynski (Godzilla, Harbinger Wars) and artist Nelson Daniel (Joe Hill's The Cape, Wild Blue Yonder) cooked up a new line of stories that all leads to a great reckoning on Mega-City One, collecting issues #13-16.

judge dredd duane swierczynski 2000 ad nelson daniel
Justice Under Siege

Throughout entire run, there are bonus-back up stories meant to serve for back-story of new character when they will make full debut in upcoming stories and how Joseph Dredd is connected to them at all. Part of what going to happen to Joe in foreseeable future is already foreshadowed in this current case file he is dealing with.

With "Thirteen Badges" story arc, the series advances to next level where a bunch of classic antagonists are going to try and ruin MC-1. On following adventure titled "The American Way of Death", every event either major or minor, started from "City Limits" or "The Long Fail" to all recent happenings will mount on a major endgame.
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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dead Rising – Road to Fortune | Comics

dead rising comic
Dead Rising – Road to Fortune | Comics
In search for the "Scoop of a Lifetime", internationally renowned freelance photographer Frank West got trapped in the Willamette Parkview Mall of Colorado, which he might not get out from alive. A town overrun by the ravaging zombies and a shady-deep conspiracy behind the incident, all Frank ever wanted was all right here but the breaking news that he wants to reveal to the world would be possible if only Frank can get out of here alive in one piece. In the middle of this maddening chaos, he jumps into the crowd of the ravaging undeads to save Isabela Keyes from being eaten alive. Eventually they both managed to get out of the outbreak safely but Isabela turns and instantly bites him in the neck.

All of it was from Frank's dream except for the part where he gets eaten by Isabela. With time, Frank spends up all his fortune on Zombrex which he needs to survive, now heavily depressed and haunted by the Willamette incident. On the other side of the story, famous motocross racer Chuck Greene was entering in a tournament race to win the prize money for his wife Pam Greene and daughter Katey Greene. A sudden zombie outbreak occurs in Coyote Springs and the U.S. Military moves in fast for clean up, where reporter Rebecca Chang showed up for scooping. Soon, Frank arrives to meet Rebecca who's source Dr. Curnow of the Phenotrans Corporation was about to reveal a vile secret behind this outbreak but died when his cover is blown to his superiors at Phenotrans, who are seem to be responsible for all these sudden outbreaks all along.

For more information on Dead Rising – Road to Fortune limited series, you can check out the links below.

Dead Rising – Road To Fortune (Comics) IDW Wikia

dead rising capcom
Terror Becomes Reality
Here is your links for "Dead Rising – Road To Fortune" limited series from IDW Comics in issues.

Dead Rising – Road to Fortune 01

Dead Rising – Road to Fortune 02
dead rising 2
Outbreak in Las Vegas

Dead Rising – Road to Fortune 03

Dead Rising – Road to Fortune 04

Here is your links for "Dead Rising – Road To Fortune" limited series from IDW Comics.

Dead Rising – Road to Fortune

Following the success of the beat 'em up survival horror video game Dead Rising (2006) and Dead Rising 2 (2010), Capcom has allied with IDW Publishing for a four-issue limited series titled, "Dead Rising - Road to Fortune" that came out in 2011. Written by Tom Waltz and drawn by artist Kenneth Loh, the comic book series served as a tie-in between the two installment of the franchise and bridges up the gaps in between. Also, several loose ends meet their long-expected conclusions and the peak into the lives of the series' protagonists, Frank West and Chuck Greene are explored in the plot with more added details.
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Friday, April 4, 2014

Judge Dredd – Into The Cursed Earth | Comics

Leaving the walls of his urban metropolis, Judge Dredd goes to the Cursed Earth to encounter backwoods criminal freaks.

It all started back when Paradise Machine at Zuckerberg Mall had gone drokk and mind of a deceased bend Judge tries to mess things up by corrupting a living one (City Limits) as Judge Dredd learns of a secret robot revolt by techno-terrorist organization called Circuit Court that brought an entire capital to its knees (The Long Fail).

Upon learning about the root of such conspiracy, he went on to investigate on a distant part of Cursed Earth that even Judges tend to avoid in general. With no one to aid him other than his trusty Lawgiver, Joe came looking for a hovercraft that went missing from Mega-City One with a small crowd of civilian as he kept tracking its trail.

With almost no signs of life to find anywhere around, he ventures on foot for miles into an irradiated and unforgiving wasteland until he stumbled into the entrance of Woodrell County Park at one point. When he stepped into their land, a mutie on charge at the toll-house secretly alerts his "Daddy" about a stranger approaching with a gun.

In quest for a vehicle, Dredd notices the park from afar which is nothing but a huge piece of land filled with death-trap now. He sees these muties torture and murder one of their own for testing out a new ride but he is more concerned about his city.

judge dredd volume 3 comics idw 2000 ad duane swierczynski
Judge Dredd – Into The Cursed Earth | Comics

As he was trying to take their only vehicle, an old Land-Razer for road on gunpoint, he was immediately incapacitated by a mutant named, Earl Woodrell who overwhelmed Dredd with his power of apathy through touch. He desperately tries to reach out to his Lawgiver to blast the drokk out of them but couldn't move much as his pinky.

Soon, he is confronted by their mutant clan-leader Donald Dolly Woodrell and his not-so bright gang of muties who calls him "Daddy". To entertain the idea of amusing himself, Woodrell decides to throw Judge Dredd inside his inescapable Mirrored Madhouse, from where no one has ever emerged back again till this date.

After wandering there for a while, Dredd apparently came across one of Woodrell's kin but he kept smashing glasses around him, all leading to dead ends. Finally, he ends up into a room with a multi-eyed mutant named Dannn with precognition power and with his multiple eyes; he saw a various different possible futures ahead of them.

Dannn reluctantly tagged along with Dredd as he was making some unexpected moves to bring some reckoning. Using his precog vision and self instinct, Joe managed to break out of mirrored prison and planned ahead to throw his captor off balance, which they did after Woodrell showed up next day to hand him over to someone else.

Just as they gotten out after blowing up Woodrell Park, Angel Gang was waiting for them outside with a welcoming party. They try hard not to engage those goons but Mean Machine forced their Land-Razer to crush. Dannn is placed on a cooking table for preparing peasant dish by The Last Chef and Dredd is sent to Butter Lady.

When he is thrown into a pit full of green liquid for marinating, Joe realized that he is covered in a slime-like being that is sentient and probably alien in nature. After he communicated with it and agreed to a promise of granting what it wants, Dredd is restored back to full-health to fight his way out of wasteland to Mega-City One.

judge dredd idw 2000 ad judge anderson nelson daniel
Beyond Outer Walls

Here is your links to buy "Judge Dredd – Into The Cursed Earth" from IDW Comics in issues on Amazon.

Judge Dredd 09

Judge Dredd 10

Judge Dredd 11

Judge Dredd 12

Here is your link to buy "Judge Dredd – Into The Cursed Earth" from IDW Comics on Amazon.

Judge Dredd – Into The Cursed Earth

2000AD super-cop, Judge Dredd is back with another of his brutal face-off with evil in his third storyline titled "Into The Cursed Earth" from IDW monthly ongoing series, consisting issues #09-12 by writer Duane Swierczynski (Godzilla, Harbinger Wars) and artist Nelson Daniel (Joe Hill's The Cape, Wild Blue Yonder).

This series regular creative-team has managed to pull out this plot where Dredd gets a new partner, explores new enemy territory in wasteland of Cursed Earth and Angel Gang makes a surprise appearance to settle old scores. His previous adventures are leading to a new turn each time after Joe connects each loose end.

judge dredd duane swierczynski 2000 ad nelson daniel
Ingredients of Chaos

First, a Judge goes bend, then Mega-City One suffers from a sudden technological fallout because of a major robot uprising and finally a hovercraft full of missing society elites group have lead him here at the heart of wastelands.

Somehow all of these crises are linked up and Woodrell somehow gets into the mix to play a vital part as well. Up next, Dredd will be faced with a challenge to solve a mysterious case in "Thirteen Badges" arc, which will eventually lead entire plotline build-up until now to a very shocking conclusion that no one is expecting at all.
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Friday, February 28, 2014

Joe Hill's The Cape | Comics

joe hill the cape comic
Joe Hill's The Cape | Comics
Eric and Nicky were brothers growing up together playing Red Bolt and Streak, one chasing another until the day, when Eric get rid of his cape and fell from a tree. Though he survived the fall, it took a great physical toll on him, or mostly on his skull. He had his cape from all his childhood, which was actually a blue blanket that Eric would never let go off and later his mom cropped it to a downsize and sew a red lightning bolt along with a marine patch of his father Captain Gordon Chase, who went missing in action during Vietnam War. After that accident, Eric never even saw the cape again and moved on in life. However, he was a lazy slack compared to his brother Nicky, yet managed to befriend with his friend Angela, who would become Eric's girlfriend.

They totally hit it off as a couple as Angie is always thinking about a future but Eric's lazy ass attitude made him miss every job deadlines and he settled in for delivering pizzas, while Angie finished school and was busting her ass with nursing school. Things were going good for Angie as well as Nicky and they both were worried about Eric, who in a never-ending frustration of failing at everything, loses it. Soon, Angela leaves him and his landlord kicked him out, forcing him to move into his mother's basement. At night, he eventually found the cape his childhood when looking for something to beat the cold and realized that wearing it, he can now fly. After spending his whole life as a sore loser, Eric finally decides to explore his dark side upon getting his hands on this new power.
the cape comic idw
To The Skies
Here is your links for "The Cape" limited series from IDW Comics in issues.

Joe Hill's The Cape One-Shot

Joe Hill's The Cape 01

Joe Hill's The Cape 02

Joe Hill's The Cape 03

Joe Hill's The Cape 04
the cape joe hill
Cape and Chainsaw Massacre

Here is your links for "The Cape" limited series from IDW Comics.

Joe Hill's The Cape

Joe Hill's The Cape (Deluxe Edition)

New York Times bestselling writer Joe Hill (Locke & Key, Wraith – Welcome to Christmasland)'s book The Cape is a four-part limited series that came out on 2012 from IDW. Writer Jason Ciaramella (Oxymoron, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Villains) took the liberty of adapting the original story for series alongside artists Nelson Daniel (Judge Dredd, Wild Blue Yonder) and Zach Howard (Aliens – More Than Human, Judge Dredd – City Limits). The dark and gritty psychological thriller vibe really made it a phenomenon for comic books that are suited for adult readers. Following the immense success of The Cape, IDW came up with a prequel of the series titled "Joe Hill's The Cape – 1969" in 2013 by the same creative team involved with this one.
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Judge Dredd – The Long Fail | Comics

As a robot revolution starts over Mega-City One, Judge Dredd fights his way out of blackouts, explosions and riots.

Previously, Judge Dredd learned of a long-deceased Psi-Division Judge, Lou Thompson who went rogue and managed to corrupt Judge Myers before meeting his fate. After his cover is blown, Thompson resisted only to be taken down and Myers' consciousness was later successfully transferred to a robot body by Judge Anderson.

Myers is now working undercover for Dredd and together they visit the now abandoned Zuckerberg Pleasure Mall. He states that there talks of a big upcoming robot revolution are in air these days and he is still trying to catch up.

Meanwhile, a best-selling thriller novel writer, Lee Preteen decides to enter the infamous Urban-Garland Block of Mega-City One with his high-tech guard bot Crumley, looking for danger and action. A neural implant on his head called Kundles will be recording every mind baffling action around from most dangerous block of this city.

In a distant joint, where crime runs most rampantly and is considered as very dangerous place, a top-shelf droid like Crumley is only hope for Lee to survive during his little thrill-seeking quest to write "Deadly Intent" and come out intact. He has been looking out for Preteen for a while now and breaking faces whenever it is necessary.

judge dredd comics idw 2000 ad duane swierczynski
Judge Dredd – The Long Fail | Comics

In an unlikely event however, Crumley suddenly turns on his owner by holding him on gunpoint and declaring a prize of one billion to a slab full of low-life mercenaries to injure Lee without killing him. Apparently, he wants to write his own best-seller piece "Kiss Me, Dead Lee" and he just wants to keep things interesting for his audience.

Dredd is promptly notified about this recent development about a robot torturing his owner with a block full of mercs, which gives him a reason to immediately visit that area. While heading towards U-G Block, he recalls recent events where he witnessed robot malfunctions that led to murder of three perps and more chaos.

Suddenly, all sorts of everyday tech start falling apart for some unexpected glitches and killing citizens everywhere. Automated doors begin to show tantrums, lights over the city starts failing and transports system was broke as well. Even Dredd's trusty Lawgiver starts malfunctioning for no reason at all and he ran into heavy fire.

He was surprised to see Crumley hacking into his frequency when he was asking for backup. The guard bot with an affinity for drinking then engages in a brawl with Dredd in old-fashioned way by throwing punches and as he was taking a savage beating from Crumley, Joe eventually managed to sober it up by draining out of liquids.

Those goons from U-G Block were hoping for Judge Dredd to die battling the rampaging robot but when he came out victorious, they decide to put him down. Joe rescues Lee by pushing a horde of goons out of his way who was recording all along and they ran into a revolt, where he starts kicking metal butts of insurgent robots.

Dredd revisits Zuckerberg Mall to talk with Myers but his programming also went haywire amidst this chaos and initiated a self-destruct sequence, which his human companions somehow survived. After running some investigation, it appears to be an attempt of coup by a secret techno-terrorist organization known as Circuit Court.

judge dredd idw 2000 ad judge anderson nelson daniel
City in Ruins

Here is your links to buy "Judge Dredd – The Long Fail" from IDW Comics in issues on Amazon.

Judge Dredd 05

Judge Dredd 06

Judge Dredd 07

Judge Dredd 08

Here is your link to buy "Judge Dredd – The Long Fail" from IDW Comics in issues on Amazon.

Judge Dredd – The Long Fail

After "City Limits" storyline has established a new ground of trouble, IDW Comics returns with "The Long Fail" featuring 2000AD's favorite super-cop; Judge Dredd. It pitches a subtly manipulated background plot that channels to the next arc of the series "Into The Cursed Earth", which will take Joe outside of Mega-City One.

Collecting issues #05-08 from monthly ongoing Judge Dredd series, writer Duane Swierczynski (Godzilla, Harbinger Wars) and artist Nelson Daniel (Joe Hill's The Cape, Wild Blue Yonder) has resumed their thrill-filled spectacular adventure as well as artist Andrew Currie, Kyle Hotz and David Williams joining in for bonus back-up tales.

judge dredd duane swierczynski 2000 ad nelson daniel
Against Overwhelming Odds

A dynamic collaboration by Swierczynski and Daniel has been firmly leading these ongoing events to many upcoming plot twists with more surprises to turn heads. Turns out, previous clone conspiracy by a group of mad Surgeons and techno revolution by rebel droids were all linked together and holds answer to more questions.

Dredd faced corrupt teammate, goons with gadgets and robots losing control lately but soon, he would be taking on a mutant mob in a barren wasteland without any weapon. A larger plot slowly starts coming forward that creates new ground for him to face off more deadly threats that comes after his city to disrupt law and order.
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