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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I Hate Fairyland – Madly Ever After | Comics

i hate fairyland
I Hate Fairyland – Madly Ever After
 | Comics
Like every other six-years-old kid of her age, Gertude always wanted to visit the amazing world of Fairyland and by luck, her wish gets fulfilled as she was sent there. But her entry to the land was rather painful than the happy and cheerful way that she expected all along as she landed on her face when she entered there. Queen Cloudia of the land then greets her to the kingdom and because of having such a near-death experience, a heavily bashed Gertude immediately requests her to send her back from where she came. But now that she has entered the Fairyland, she is a guest here and she can only go back if she can find the key to the door leads to home. A day worth of journey ahead of her, Gertude is then aided by a talking fly named Larry and a map for her quest.

However, the search for that special key took her 27 years in Fairyland and she became a violently hateful psychopath who developed a short temper. She was just expressing her frustration over the fact that they just passed something on the map and then instantly gets irritated at the Moon who was narrating the tale. Their conversation gets heated up and she blew up the moon with a cannon and the stars also met the same fate as the witnesses of the occurrence. The dead stars start falling over and Gertude’s increasing madness made Queen Cloudia worried because she is a guest here and cannot be killed. She goes on a rampage by eating the Mushroom Polices, visited Ice Cream Island, beheaded a Hunter and fighting a herd of Zombies while Cloudia plans to teach her a lesson for life.
childrens fairyland
Rotting Faun Chopping
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I Hate Fairyland 01

I Hate Fairyland 02

I Hate Fairyland 03

I Hate Fairyland 04
skottie young comics
Sweet Fairyland Experience

I Hate Fairyland 05

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I Hate Fairyland – Madly Ever After (Softcover)

I Hate Fairyland – Madly Ever After (Hardcover)

Madly Ever After” is the first chronological volume of the black comedy fantasy comic-book series titled, “I Hate Fairyland” by artist Skottie Young (New X-Men, Venom) from Image Comics, that came out in 2015. The story follows a six-year old girls’ journey into the never-ending Fairyland that drove her insane and clash with the established order. The book collects the first five issues of the hit-series with Young’s complementary visualization of the tale and mind-blowing color rendition by Nate Piekos.
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Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Walking Dead – A New Beginning | Comics

War is over and away from The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes now lives a peaceful life among in Alexandria with friends.

A survivor named Magna and her group watches a few Walkers from over a trailer hitched to horses as they were going through the woods. She tells everyone to lie down when it emerged to be a larger horde and when one of them nervously suggests that they should get out of here on the horses, she points out that they will never made it out.

Some of the zombies get to a horse and the rest started to push the trailer over to drop everyone on the ground. Magna tells everyone to draw their weapon and make a hole among the crowd. She almost got bit in the arm when one of the roamers caught her but saved at the nick of time by the arrival of Paul Monroe AKA Jesus and his cavalry.

He instructs her team to cut the horses loose and get to the tree line nearby while they distract the horde. Magna and her group follow the instruction but one of them was not too fortunate to survive the mob. Eugene Porter, Heath and Rosita Espinosa join Paul in driving the massive herd away to further east by working collectively.

Eugene points out that the herd has moved direction approximately 10 miles away from The Kingdom. Though the trouble is averted, some of them are not happy about losing one of them but invited to Alexandria Safe-Zone, the group came along.

the walking dead a new beginning image comics
The Walking Dead – A New Beginning | Comics

In Alexandria, war has ended long ago and Rick Grimes lives a peaceful life as a family man with Andrea and his son Carl Grimes. He wears a prosthetic hand, grew a beard and has to walk with a cane these days. The community is rebuilt and has changed a lot too. They have new people living within those walls, got new crops, farms and houses as well.

Jesus brought in the survivors to Rick and they decide to stay after a brief introduction. He then heads to the munitions factory and asks Eugene not to go on herd duty anymore. Carl says that he wants to be a blacksmith and work with Earl Sutton of Hilltop Colony. Even though he does not want his boy to leave this place, he eventually agrees to consider it.

That night, Carl goes to the basement to talk to someone about class and after hour activities involving a girl he liked. The person in shadows offer him his perspective and when the boy was about to leave, asks if Carl still wants to kill him. He states his intentions are positive and that figure is revealed to be former leader of the Saviors, Negan.

The next day, Andrea is interviewing Magna and her friends on how they survived so long and how many were they. Later at their own place, she and her group talks among themselves about whether or not to trust Rick and his people because what they have here seems too good to be true and she thinks that Alexandria is hiding something.

Ken and Marco of the Hilltop Colony see a pack of horses on uncharted territory and even though the latter urges to go back, the former insists to bring them to Hilltop. A few zombies arriving out of nowhere caused him to fall from his horse and stuck underneath it. Marco carries Ken onto his horse after seeing a few more approaching.

They go a long way on horseback but then Ken falls off the horse and as his friend came to help, the horse ran off. These two then continue on foot and more Walkers begin to close in. Refusing to leave Ken back, Marco drags him to a nearby ditch and watches the horde leave. To their surprise, the duo hears the roamers whispering among them.

the walking dead magna group image comics
Magna and Her Group

For more information on The Walking Dead – A New Beginning storyline, you can check out the link below.

The Walking Dead – A New Beginning (Comics) Wikia

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The Walking Dead 127

The Walking Dead 128

The Walking Dead 129

The Walking Dead 130

The Walking Dead 131

The Walking Dead 132

Here is your link to buy "The Walking Dead – A New Beginning" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead – A New Beginning

The monthly ongoing series of The Walking Dead from Image Comics has returned with a new status quo, which is set long after the events of "All Out War" in 2014. Series regular writer Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) returns to usher "A New Beginning" of the post-apocalyptic world of undeads.

Collecting issues #127-132, the story brings in new survivors into the play and catches up to the aftermath of the Great War against the Saviors. Kirkman didn't cease to amaze by developing a larger concern for the survivors that they will be facing in future.

the walking dead whisperers war comic
The Whispering Herd

The story introduces a new group of enemies called The Whisperers, who are a major threat for Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors at Alexandria Safe-Zone and their leader, Alpha also makes her debut. This very dangerous group of people roams in group and wears Zombie skins as camouflage to blend within large number of hordes.

The above-mentioned adversaries make their live-action first appearance on mid-season finale of the Season 9 of The Walking Dead TV series on AMC. The Whisperers will make their presence fully known in the next story arc "Whispers Into Screams".
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Walking Dead – All Out War | Comics

Ever since Glenn died at the hands of Negan, Rick Grimes has been eagerly waiting to teach him a lesson. Last time, when Negan and his Saviors came to Alexandria Safe-Zone for supplies, things got a bit out of hand as Rick and his crew unsuccessfully tried to get the drop on Negan. He in turn, lines them up for execution but is forced to retreat for the timely intervention of Jesus, Ezekiel and Shiva.

the walking dead all out war
The Walking Dead – All Out War | Comics

It is pretty evident that The Saviors will go to war against Alexandria and so, Rick and his allies prepares themselves for the oncoming conflict. However, Rick feels a bit of concerned as he has never done something this big and the last encounter with Saviors almost got Andrea killed. Along with The Kingdom and Hilltop forces at his side, Rick leads the crowd towards The Sanctuary.

Rick approaches Negan for a truce, which he declined and revealed Gregory's allegiance with him. But that brings no significant change to the scene and the war between the two parties broke in. The heavy firing draws attention of walkers nearby and they all started to form a herd and heads towards The Sanctuary. Rick was about to ram the fences of Negan's stronghold but Holly ditches him and took one for the team.

Sanctuary gets overrunned, Negan gets furious, Holly is captured, Ezekiel loses Shiva and both sides took heavy causalities. After dealing with the undead horde of his compound, Negan heads to Alexandria Safe-Zone for payback resulting major damage. Both of Rick and Negan's side came up with a new and improved plan to triumph over the enemy.

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the walking dead all out war comic
War Rages On!

Here is your links to buy “The Walking Dead – All Out War" from Image Comics in issues on Amazon.

The Walking Dead 115

The Walking Dead 116

The Walking Dead 117

The Walking Dead 118

The Walking Dead 119

The Walking Dead 120

The Walking Dead 121

The Walking Dead 122

The Walking Dead 123

The Walking Dead 124

The Walking Dead 125

The Walking Dead 126

Here is your links to buy “The Walking Dead – All Out War" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead Vol 20 – All Out War – Part One

The Walking Dead Vol 21 – All Out War – Part Two

The Walking Dead – All Out War – Artist's Proof Edition

Created by writer Robert Kirkman (Outcast, The Astounding Wolf-Man) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files), "All Out War" is a major storyline from Image Comics' monthly ongoing series The Walking Dead. Concluded from 'March To War', this storyline breaks the regular tradition of the stories to be concluded in six issues and expanded to size double that the regular.

walking dead comic negan
War Comes Home

That means, "All Out War" is comprised of twelve issues, containing issues #115-126 from The Walking Dead comic series. The story-arc is big and has a groundbreaking impact of the post-apocalyptic world that is the brain-child of Kirkman. The book is also adapted for Season 8 of The Walking Dead TV Series on AMC TV. After the dust and cloud of the war gets cleared, "A New Beginning" awaits at the horizon.
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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Walking Dead – March To War | Comics

the walking dead comics
The Walking Dead – March To War
 | Comics
Glenn was buried within the walls of Hilltop Colony where Maggie lives now. She was beside his grave when a resident named Brianna comes to console her who lost almost everyone she loved a short while ago. Jesus covertly sneaks into Hilltop to pay Maggie a secret visit as well as Gregory. On Alexandria Safe-Zone, Rick Grimes finally reveals his plan to Andrea for taking down Negan for good. Though, Carl deemed to be left out of his father's plan, Rick allows him to take part in overthrowing Negan as he is a big-boy now. He also approaches Michonne about his plan, who believed that Rick was down for good and hung her katana. Now that she knows, it was a ploy to make everyone to think that Rick got soft; she is not too pleased about not knowing it previously.

Thinking of going against Negan is a real bad idea, one of Hilltop's guard Kal takes it upon himself to inform Negan about it and stop the war but was stopped by Jesus in time. Rick takes Andrea, Carl, Michonne and a few others at The Kingdom to meet King Ezekiel and all are astound to see his pet tiger Shiva. Michonne and Ezekiel had a rocky start at first but they eventually got along. Meanwhile, Negan comes to Alexandria when Rick was out and so he waited for his arrival. Spencer Monroe approached him about killing Rick and making him a leader instead. In response, Negan literally made him to spill his guts. Once inside the boundaries of the Safe-Zone, Rick decides to ambush on Negan and kill him, but sometimes he can be crazy wrong about his arch-enemies.

For more information on The Walking Dead – March To War storyline, you can check out the link below.

The Walking Dead – March To War (Comics) Wikia
the walking dead andrea comics
Guts and Gore
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The Walking Dead 109

The Walking Dead 110

The Walking Dead 111

The Walking Dead 112

The Walking Dead 113
the walking dead negan
Negan Strikes Again!

The Walking Dead 114

Here is your link for “The Walking Dead – March To War" storyline from Image Comics.

The Walking Dead Vol 19 – March To War

March To War" is the nineteenth storyline from The Walking Dead monthly ongoing series, credited to writer/creator Robert Kirkman (Image United, Invincible) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files). This plotline has served as a prologue arc for the major oncoming impact on the series that would change up everything like never before. It also lends elements to The Walking Dead TV Show on AMC TV that is adapted into iconic moments for Season 7 of the show. Continued from the previous storyline "What Comes After", the story comprises from issues #109-114 of the ongoing Image Comics series that will led into the groundbreaking saga of "All Out War" next.
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chew – Bad Apples | Comics

chew volume 7 bad apples tp
Chew – Bad Apples | Comics
As the Chu family found out about the demise of Tony's sister Antonelle Chu, the whole family and friends gathered to show their respects. When his wife Min Tso-Chu died years ago, he shattered and this created a distance in relationship with his daughter Olive as she grew up in his sister Rose-Mary's care, which he tries to reconcile. As it hits him hard and breaks from the inside as he mourns for Toni, he and his friend John Colby are recruited again as FDA agents by director Mike Applebee. Tony works his ass-off to bust a conspiracy by Thin-Ex Industries and their connection to Divinity of the Immaculate Ova. Several other terrorist attempts by egg-worshiping cult are foiled and high priestess Sister Alani Adobo declares a Holy War on anyone who eats chicken.

While working with colleague Caesar Valenzano, Colby realizes by connecting the dots that he is still working with Savoy and they got into a brawl but the latter agrees to meet Mason Savoy. Since he has no tolerance for bullshit now, Tony sidelines Applebee and Colby comes to rescue. Tony goes to Yamapalu Island for an assignment with U.S. Navy to investigate a training camp of Immaculate Ova ran by Oscar Chalaza. After a brief fight with his bodyguard, Chu finally manages to discover a link that leads him straight to the location he was looking for. At an undisclosed location of Eastern Europe, FDA operative Tony Chu finds himself as a guest on a dinner table with his sworn enemy; The Collector. In a surprise turn of events, John Colby finally joins Mason Savoy.
tony chu comic
The Chicken Prophecy
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Chew 31

Chew 32

Chew 33

Chew 34

Chew 35

Here is your link for “Chew – Bad Apples" storyline from Image Comics.
chew image comics
Cop! Crusader! Cannibal!

Chew – Bad Apples

'Bad Apples' is the seventh storyline by writer John Layman (Aliens – Inhuman Condition, Army of Darkness/Xena) and artist Rob Guillory for monthly ongoing Image Comics' series Chew, that is preceded by previous storyline 'Space Cakes'. For what the whole plotline has been building for the past couple of books from the series, Bad Apples expands the Chew universe to a new extend, creating many openings for future conflicts with Tony's arch-nemesis The Collector, John Colby's unexpected alliance with Mason Savoy and Olivia Chu's growing into her own shoes just like her father. The story collects issues #31-35 and is concludes to the next arc 'Family Recipes'.
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