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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Unworthy Thor | Comics

For ages, The Mighty Thor has been master of lightning and bearer of his mighty uru hammer Mjolnir, until Nick Fury whispered something to his ears (during Original Sin), which was a long-kept secret by Uatu The Watcher that rendered him unworthy and he became unable to lift the mystic hammer.

Since then, he has been tirelessly seeking means of wielding his trusted weapon once again by redeeming his worthiness. It dropped on surface of the moon and unsuccessful at reclaiming his right to wield Mjolnir, he is now going by the name Odinson these days.

In quest for redemption, his new weapon of choice is a battle axe called Jarnbjorn and Odinson also starts using arm prosthesis made of Black Uru after it was chopped off in a fight against Malekith. A new female Thor started wielding the enchanted hammer while it rejected him again and again.

Then Multiverse started collapsing and he aided The Avengers in their mission to save all but Odinson dies with Hyperion trying to oppose a wave of Beyonders (Time Runs Out). Realities clashed, Universe died and restored back as Odinson came to find Mjolnir again (Secret Wars).

unworthy thor marvel comics
The Unworthy Thor | Comics

After dozens of satellites were damaged by some unknown forces, Odinson receives a call from Alpha Flight about this matter. He goes to investigate on moon and engages in a fight with a group of Trolls led by their leader King Ulik.

Though he had his battle axe Jarnbjorn at hand, it isn't as effective in battle as Mjolnir was and after some struggle, he was able to force the Trolls retreat with a little help from his mystical pet goat Toothgnasher. Then The Unseen approached him on surface of moon, who informed Odinson about another hammer of a dead Thor of another world.

Back at old Asgard, Odinson rushed there on Toothgnasher only to find it disappeared from its place. While he was wondering who could have done this, legendary Korbinite warrior and an old friend, Beta Ray Bill came looking for him.

Seeing Odinson without his mighty Mjolnir, Bill offers his very own Stormbreaker to Odinson but the latter gently rejects this offer. As Bill was about to disclose the identity of the one who has taken over eternal Norse realm into his possession, the Brothers in Thunder came under attack.

These two engages their attacking party and when Thor heads toward their transport ship, a powerful bomb from a lost civilization is dropped on him. When woke up, Odinson discovers himself in chains and the person behind his capture and Asgard's disappearance is revealed to be an elder of universe named Taneleer Tivan; The Collector.

He wants Ultimate Mjolnir for himself and unsuccessfully tries to force Odinson into revealing way of lifting it. Soon, along with a mysterious hooded figure, Black Swan and Proxima Midnight of Thanos's Black Order sneaks into Collector's ship looking for the hammer.

thor and beta ray bill
The Thunder Brothers

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The Unworthy Thor 01

The Unworthy Thor 02

The Unworthy Thor 03

The Unworthy Thor 04

The Unworthy Thor 05

Here is your links to buy "The Unworthy Thor" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

The Unworthy Thor

A five-part limited series, which is the brainchild of writer Jason Aaron (Southern Bastards, Thanos Rising) and artist Olivier Coipel (House of M, Siege), "The Unworthy Thor" centers around event that are highlights from Original Sin to AXIS to Thors – Battleworld, a tie-in story from Secret Wars crossover event.

A journey of Odinson that has began from regaining his grace and reclaiming his title of being worthy to wield his legendary uru hammer Mjolnir once again is focus of entire plot. Long after, The Thunder Brothers of Asgard are reunited once again against a common foe and fought valiantly side by side for a common goal, which was very satisfying.

jason aaron thor comics
War of The Unworthy

This story features a wide array of Marvel characters like Beta Ray Bill, Black Swan, Hela, Nick Fury, Proxima Midnight, Thanos, The Collector, Thori, Toothgnasher and Ulik, each of whom played their own respective parts for the story to advance forward to a direction where all of these will finally make sense.

Surprisingly, Taneleer Tivan AKA The Collector in this book resembles a lot like Benicio del Toro's version of the character portrayed in live-action Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) movie. The story also hinted at a couple of point that might relate to Marvel Cinematic Universe live-action film Thor – Ragnarok (2017) and upcoming Avengers – Infinity War (2018).
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fire and Stone | Comics

A group of researcher from Hadley's Hope on planetoid LV-426 manages to leave everything behind in an attempt to outrun a Xenomorph outbreak. They make a quick escape using an excavating vessel Onager in 2179 and landed on barren moon of LV-223, unknowingly carrying on-board the very death they were desperately trying to evade. One by one, all of them succumb to their hostile surroundings and the genocidal aliens but scientist Derrick Russell was able to make some interesting discoveries before he finally met his fate.

Nearly 40 years after this event, Weyland-Yutani sends some more crews to LV-223 for a salvage mission led by Captain Angela Foster, whose real motive is to find out what actually happened to USCSS Prometheus' crews and Sir Peter Weyland but no one else was aware of that. Astrobiologist Francis Lane also volunteered for this voyage despite having a certain medical condition. Upon landing on the moon's surface, Angela and her crews were taking a tour there and came across a lake of black goo and a pack of mauled animals.

prometheus fire and stone
Fire and Stone | Comics

When they stumbled onto a long-deserted ship Onager from Hadley's Hope after exploring the harsh wildlife around them, the crews unknowingly entered inside only for the deadly Aliens residing within to unleash on them. Many of the crews were slaughtered by the horde and some are attacked by Facehuggers. Rest of them ran towards their ship while a wave follows them. Chief security officer Galgo Helder somehow survived from Xeno onslaught and retreats without wasting a single moment with the ship Perses as well as Piper and Higgins, leaving Angela and remaining survivors to their uncertain fate.

Amidst this chaos, Francis and his construct assistant Elden got separated from main group and found a cave, where terra-forming engineer Derrick Russell spent his last days. Finding his research notes on black goo, Francis decides to make an experiment with Elden. Things escalate pretty quickly when Francis tricks his construct aid Elden to be a filter for the accelerant goo, to use it as a cure for his terminal cancer. Torn and turned by betrayal, he allows a waiting group of Aliens into Helios to massacre everyone on-board.

A game-hunting Yauta Clan noticed the presence of Xenomorphs on LV-223 from a nearby star system and follows Perses as it was carrying a number of them that Elden brought on board. Galgo barely manages to escape from the blood feud of these extraterrestrials, unknowingly carrying a Predator on his ship. The Yautja kills all of his crews to secure an Engineer rifle he stole from the crashed derelict ship. Then it forces Galgo to head back to LV-223 for having one ultimate showdown with a vengeful Engineer.

For more information on Fire and Stone crossover event, you can check out the links below.

Fire and Stone (Comics) Wikipedia

Fire and Stone (Comics) Wikia

prometheus comic fire and stone
The Dark Accelerant

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01. Prometheus – Fire and Stone 01

02. Aliens – Fire and Stone 01

03. Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone 01

04. Prometheus – Fire and Stone 02

05. Predator – Fire and Stone 01

06. Aliens – Fire and Stone 02

07. Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone 02

08. Prometheus – Fire and Stone 03

09. Predator – Fire and Stone 02

10. Aliens – Fire and Stone 03

11. Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone 03

12. Prometheus – Fire and Stone 04

13. Predator – Fire and Stone 03

14. Aliens – Fire and Stone 04

15. Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone 04

16. Predator – Fire and Stone 04

17. Prometheus – Fire and Stone – Omega

Here is your links to buy "Fire and Stone" from Dark Horse Comics on Amazon.

Aliens – Fire and Stone

Prometheus – Fire and Stone

Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone

Predator – Fire and Stone

Prometheus – The Complete Fire and Stone

Set on the shared fictional universe of Aliens/Predators/Prometheus, "Fire and Stone" is a crossover event by Dark Horse Comics, released on 2014. This event was tied with four independent limited series; Aliens – Fire and Stone, Prometheus – Fire and Stone, Alien Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone and Predator – Fire and Stone, which all are inter-connected and tied with Prometheus – Fire and Stone – Omega one-shot issue. The four limited series and the overall plot settings connects to of both Alien (1979) and Prometheus (2012) live-action movies released from 20th Century Fox.

prometheus dark horse comics
A Deadly Struggle

A wide array of creative team consists writers Chris Roberson, Christopher Sebela, Joshua Williamson (Birthright, Nailbiter) and Paul Tobin (Angry Birds, Plants Vs. Zombies) were assisted by artists Ariel Olivetti (JLA – Paradise Lost, Superman/Batman Vs. Aliens/Predator), Chris Mooneyham (Five Ghosts, Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens – Splice and Dice), Juan Ferreyra and Patric Reynolds. Illustrator David Palumbo, Fiona Staples (Saga, The Secret History of the Authority – Hawksmoor) and Mike Mignola (Abe Sapien, Hellboy) also served as guest cover-artists.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone | Comics

To find out the unresolved mystery about USCSS Prometheus' fate, Angela Foster have led a group of explorers to the barren moon of LV-223 only to find out it's hostile secrets that took a death-toll on her companions. If that wasn't bad enough, terminally ill scientist Francis Lane among her crew has found engineer Derrick Russell's final days of work and in a desperate attempt to save his pathetic life, he tricked his humanoid construct aid Elden to take a dosage of that Black Goo which significantly changes him into a mutated form.

Although Francis managed to escape from him, a vengeful Elden led a Xenomorph army with him and unleashed death upon Geryon's crew. To avoid a bloody onslaught, Geryon's chief of security Galgo Helder decides to leave this godforsaken rock on-board the Perces ship. Unbeknownst to all, a Yautja hunting party from a nearby moon noticed the death and destruction caused by Xenomorphs on LV-223 and followed them. Since Angela left Francis on Galgo's custody, he was uncertain of what to do with him and then Elden and his Xeno buddies suddenly showed up looking for Francis.

aliens vs predator
Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone | Comics

Now devoid of any reason or protocol to follow, Elden is his own master and takes over command ship Helios with a group of Xenomorphs lurking around him, waiting to tear apart anyone on sight. He explains that everything attached to Geryon is under his control and demands that Galgo gives up Francis to him if he wants to live. Considering their lives are now at his hands, Galgo though it wise to exchange Francis to survive but when the handover was about to be complete, the Yautja gang broke into Geryon.

This sudden interruption made Elden angry as he believed that Galgo is probably playing him and his gang of Aliens tries to carry out his vendetta for him. While they were slaughtering wounded human crew on ship, the Predators were busy putting android janitors out of commission. Knowing he is completely out of luck, Galgo departs in his ship Perces from Geryon and left, unknowingly carrying a stowaway hunter within. Elden's quest remains unfulfilled as the ship quickly became a kill zone for all of these monsters.

Being an ever evolving monster himself, Elden becomes a primary target of Predators and he decides to let his rage out on them. Though, they took care of his Alien friends, he became a real problem for the hunting party as he proved quite a match for them. He infects one of them with his evolved mutation during close combat and it eventually led to a horrific transformation to that Yautja. In a desperate final bid to save his own skin from all hostiles, Francis Lane does the unthinkable, which is beyond Elden's imagination.

For more information on Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone tie-in limited series, you can check out the link below.

Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone (Comics) Wikia

aliens vs predator comics
Violent Evolution Continues

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Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone 01

Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone 02

Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone 03

Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone 04

Here is your link to buy "Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone" from Dark Horse Comics on Amazon.

Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone

Serving as a connecting story for major Dark Horse Comics crossover event "Fire and Stone", "Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone" ties in with three other interconnected limited series; Aliens – Fire and Stone, Prometheus – Fire and Stone and Predator – Fire and Stone. This book was plotted by writer Christopher Sebela and drawn by Ariel Olivetti (JLA – Paradise Lost, Superman/Batman Vs. Aliens/Predator). All of the covers were done by E. M. Gist while legendary illustrator Mike Mignola (Abe Sapien, Hellboy) was featured as a guest cover-artist for the beginning issue of the series.

alien vs predator 3
Among Monsters and Hunters

This "Aliens Vs. Predator" line of story from "Fire and Stone" crossover explores the outcome of the genetic accelerant, most commonly referred as Black Goo on other extraterrestrials like Yautja and leaves an opening for the next "Predator" story in the line. Aside from connecting to the shared universe of Aliens/Predators/Prometheus, the book also relates to the live-action Alien (1979) and Prometheus (2012) films as it took place in between their timeline. However, the concept of Aliens versus Predator came into play much later in live-action films or mainstream comic-books.
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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mad Max – Fury Road | Comics

mad max comics
Mad Max – Fury Road | Comics
Colonel Joe Moore was a war veteran who formed a raider gang with a bunch of his followers, when things gone ugly and the society is distorted. He and his gang started operating in the massive wasteland and raided places to scavenge for supplies for their survival. During one of his raids, a captured fat man informs him of a place for sanctuary with ridiculous amount of supplies but also warns them of it being heavily guarded. When the attempts of bribing the defenders of the fortress with sex slaves failed, Joe and his pals launched an attack but only to face heavy retaliation. In the end, Joe took that place in control through heavy slaughter of men from both parties. The way he achieved victory thorough the raging onslaught earned him a god-like status and the name "Immortan Joe".

To continue his legacy to forthcoming future, Immortan Joe keeps his precious Five Wives only for the purpose of breeding his worthy successor in a locked underground vault with every privilege that the other people even thrive to dream. Joe assigns a warrior, Imperator Furiosa to guard them but eventually she decides to do otherwise. A small child who came to Joe’s Citadel with both of his parents unfortunately lost to the harsh ways of living. Still believing his father to be alive, he tries to reach on top of the Citadel and becomes one of the war pugs named Nux. Meanwhile, “MadMax Rockatansky was contending in the gladiator arena of "Thunderdome Plus" of Gas Town for a V8 engine as prize.

For more information on Mad Max – Fury Road limited series, you can check out the link below.

Mad Max – Fury Road (Comics) Wikipedia
immortan joe comics
Tyrant of Citadel
Here is your link for "Mad Max – Fury Road" limited series from Vertigo Comics in issues.

Mad Max – Fury Road – Nux and Immortan Joe 01

Mad Max – Fury Road – Furiosa 01

Mad Max – Fury Road – Mad Max 01

Mad Max – Fury Road – Mad Max 02

Here is your links for "Mad Max – Fury Road" limited series from Vertigo Comics.

Mad Max – Fury Road
mad max vertigo
Traveler of Fury Road

Mad Max – Fury Road Inspired Artists Deluxe Edition (Softcover)

Mad Max – Fury Road Inspired Artists Deluxe Edition (Hardcover)

Released in four installment issues that serve as a prequel to the 2015 post-apocalyptic film Mad Max – Fury Road, a limited series starts publishing in 2015 from Vertigo of the same name. Written by the creator of the same franchise George Miller, this series also features the creative input of Nico Lathouris and Mark Sexton. The first two issues were focused on Imperator Furiosa, Nux and Immortan Joe, focusing on their lives. The latter two issues are totally on the main protagonist Max Rockatansky AKA Mad Max. The story of this series was somewhat not essential yet enjoyable to the general and hardcore fans of the franchise. The issue on Furiosa was heavily criticized for the portrayal of violence but compared to that, the other issues performed pretty well.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Aliens – Fire and Stone | Comics

In the year 2157, 35 years after warrant officer Ellen Ripley of Nostromo spaceship and her fellow crew members dealt with a Xenomorph incident aboard, Weyland-Yutani Corporation has set up Hadley's Hope, a terraforming and mining colony of 158 colonists on the surface of LV-426, AKA "Acheron". When an Alien outbreak occurred in 2179, no one actually believed they could survive the horrific carnage unleashed upon them. Engineer Derrick Russell gathered a small band of survivors to escape an impending massacre.

As those blood-thirsty monsters were slaughtering unfortunate colonists, with help from surveyor Nolan Cale and supervisor Genevieve Dione, they managed to hop onto a mining vessel Onager, headed to the nearest planet LV-223 but not before losing more men to those monsters. A few Aliens were able to sneak into their cargo containers without anyone ever noticing except Cale. Crews on board Onager finally made it to LV-223 with a shaky landing and the planetoid apparently has a breathable atmosphere now.

aliens fire and stone
Aliens – Fire and Stone | Comics

What they didn't know was about the Prometheus incident that took place on that lifeless rock long ago and how it was responsible for a new ecosystem.  Right after landing on that barren moon, Derrick tells a few men to open the cargo for supplies to send a distress beacon. Despite Cale's warning, no sooner had they opened the cargo hold, creatures hidden inside barged upon those poor survivors. Some of them are instantly decimated and others were forced to flee to nearby jungle leaving their supplies behind.

Surviving colonists set up camps, scavenge for foods and argue with each other on survival decisions while being chased by Aliens every now and then to meet their fate. Dione and Cale starts having issues over whether to constantly looking for safety or take an offensive stance but Russell decides to stay out of group affairs. While all of his comrades were falling prey to the Xenomorphs, Derrick managed to capture one of the probes mapping LV-223 that was previously left by geologist Sean Fifield, siphoning valuable data from it.

As the overrunning horrors were swiftly reducing their numbers, survival become a primary focus for everyone and no one paid him any attention. More debacles arise between self-appointed leader and death still followed them almost everywhere like their own shadow. He dives into researching the mutagenic Black Goo that mysteriously seeded life on this entire moon. Within a crashed ship, he would eventually discover an Engineer lying dormant in his stasis but can he survive until he finds the key of life?

For more information on Aliens – Fire and Stone limited series, you can check out the link below.

Aliens – Fire and Stone (Comics) Wikia

aliens planet lv 223
Stranded In Paradise

Here is your links to buy "Aliens – Fire and Stone" from Dark Horse Comics in issues on Amazon.

Aliens – Fire and Stone 01

Aliens – Fire and Stone 02

Aliens – Fire and Stone 03

Aliens – Fire and Stone 04

Here is your links to buy "Aliens – Fire and Stone" from Dark Horse Comics on Amazon.

Aliens – Fire and Stone

As part of 2014's "Fire and Stone" crossover event from Dark Horse Comics, "Aliens – Fire and Stone" is a four-part limited series, serving as a tie-in story devised by comic-book writer Chris Roberson and illustrated by artist Patric Reynolds. Covers for the issues were delivered by artist David Palumbo (Alien Vs. Predator – Life and Death, Prometheus – Life and Death) with Fiona Staples (Saga, The Secret History of the Authority – Hawksmoor) providing a variant cover as well. Three other interconnected limited series; Prometheus – Fire and Stone, Alien Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone and Predator – Fire and Stone were published alongside this story arc.

xenomorph aliens lv 223
Deadly and Relentless

The story came before Alien: Isolation took place, directly revolves around the aftermath of both Alien (1979) and Prometheus (2012) live-action movies from 20th Century Fox. Hadley's Hope was established on LV-426 long after crews aboard Nostromo died battling an Alien executive officer Kane picked up as a facehugger from that very planetoid. In their desperate attempted escape, all survivors drop on LV-223 from same sector where USCSS Prometheus crews found their doom years before them. Only archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw and android David 8 made it out alive of that expedition.
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