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The Sentry | Comics

The success of Operation: Rebirth with the creation of Captain America made their administration join with Canada's Department K and they formed Project: Sentry to recreate the Super Soldier Serum back in 1947. However, their goal was to create a serum that is a thousand fold more powerful than the original this time but later they abandoned the project for some unknown reason.

10 years after this, a meth-junkie named Robert Reynolds broke into the laboratory of Professor Cornelius looking for drugs to get high and found a glowing serum. Upon consuming it, he almost immediately starts manifesting the power of a million exploded suns and killed everyone present. With the constant urge of using this power for greater good, he became a superhero named The Sentry and went public even though he was not easy to contain in their test facilities.

Age of The Sentry
In a world that had almost forgotten the era of heroes, he appeared to common people as a beacon of hope with his heroic ventures and was also an accepted superhero by the society. The Sentry befriended Mister Fantastic of Fantastic Four, genius billionaire inventor Iron Man, The Hulk, Spider-Man and Professor X of the mutant superhero team of X-Men during his stint as a superhero. Robert married his love Lindy Lee and his life was going perfect until the day his worst nightmare came in from within.

sentry marvel comics
The Sentry | Comics

New Avengers
Aided by his bodyguard Luke Cage, lawyers Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson go to visit one of their clients on the maximum security prison, The Raft on Ryker's Island. Turns out, they are here to see a mentally unstable Robert Reynolds who claims to have killed his own wife. Suddenly, a massive power outage caused by Electro frees all the super-villains from their cell and Carnage finds his way to them. Finally, convinced by Foggy, The Sentry takes Carnage into space and rips him in half. As the situation came under control, the New Avengers were formed by Captain America (New Avengers – Breakout).

The Void
Though the founding members of the New Avengers team were inspired by Sentry's heroic move back in Raft, he stayed far away from them. They informed him that his wife Lindy is still alive and the only remaining reference of him was left on comic books. Soon, S.H.I.E.L.D., Inhumans and X-Men confronted Robert about the connections and Emma Frost discovered the secret of an inner boogey monster within him named The Void, whom all the heroes present fought with almost no avail (New Avengers – Sentry).

Realizing that The Void is actually a dark persona of The Sentry himself, Robert Reynolds faces psychological problems and psychiatrist Dr. Cornelius Worth saw through this. He believed that he has locked up The Void in the Watchtower but Cornelius finds a chair and a mirror there. Robert confesses that he thought if he believed that The Void is locked, it would probably save the world. To see through his confusion, he even paid Doctor Strange a visit, which wasn't much helpful at all. It eventually came down to one last confrontation between The Sentry and The Void.

Civil War
When the super-hero community was divided over the Superhuman Registration Act, Sentry chose to take side with Iron Man but then fled to moon to avoid conflict with his friends. He meets The Inhumans and their king Black Bolt, who were unaware of the Civil War. Iron Man managed to convince him to come back and he assisted an S.H.I.E.L.D. unit to apprehend Wolverine. In the aftermath of the skirmish, he joined the team of Mighty Avengers (New Avengers – Civil War).

The Ultron Initiative
Since The Sentry was the most powerful among all the Mighty Avengers, Iron Man and Ms. Marvel try to help him with his issues. When Tony Stark's Iron Man armor starts morphing into a shape of woman resembling to Janet van Dyne, it was revealed to be a new form of Ultron. As he slew the horde of monsters sent by Mole Man and then trashed Ares, Sentry engaged the android and no one seemed to outmatch each other. Ultron even enraged him by threatening to kill Lindy but Ares and Ant-Man finally managed to shut it down for good.

World War Hulk
Following The Illuminati's decision of exiling Hulk on a distant planet (Planet Hulk), Hulk was tortured, enslaved and then robbed off his family with Caiera the Oldstrong in a tragic accident; the green goliath blamed the heroes for the mess. He and his Warbound arrived on Earth to take them down and then took them to Madison Square Garden after turning it into a gladiatorial arena. The gravity of the situation made Sentry intervene in Hulk's actions and a major battle follows between two of them.

Secret Invasion
When the Skrulls started their infiltration, they were worried about the mutant population but after "House of M", their numbers dropped. Hulk was also taken back to custody after the "World War Hulk" incident. So, all they left to take care was Doctor Strange and Sentry. As they knew that they cannot possibly defeat The Sentry with might, the Skrull-Vision messes up with his head by convincing him that this is all his doing because this is what Void wanted. He eventually returns as The Void when the Skrulls broke into the Watchtower and threatened Lindy.

Dark Avengers
Upon taking down the Skrull-Queen, Norman Osborn became the head of security and Robert was invited in his own version of Avengers. He fought and seemingly killed the sorceress Morgan le Fay alongside his teammates and Doctor Doom. Bob killed a bunch of Atlantean terrorists on Osborn's request by becoming The Void. Even though all of his teammates were shit-scared of him, Osborn keeps comforting him to keep him under his leash (Dark Avengers – Assemble).

Molecule Man
Osborn's Dark Avengers are called in when the daughter of a US Senator goes missing in Dinosaur, Colorado; home of the villain Molecule Man. Not only did he defeat the entire team with ease, he held them prisoner. He tore apart The Sentry on molecular level, led everyone to believe the end of his god-like existence. However, he learns to reconstruct his molecules back together and returns only to be destroyed again. Then Bob comes back once more to seemingly kill Molecule Man for good.

Dark Reign
In the post-Skrull Invasion era, Norman Osborn pretty much controls everything with his new world peace-keeping organization H.A.M.M.E.R. and the Dark Avengers. He also formed Cabal consisting Emma Frost, Doctor Doom, Loki, Namor and The Hood. Later, Namor betrays Osborn and Doom releases a swarm of robotic locusts from the Doombot he sent in his place when he is threatened. It was Sentry who quickly took control over the situation. During their confrontation on Utopia, Emma Frost tries to reach out his mind to contain The Void but failed (Dark Reign – The Underside).

Robert was tricked by Norman Osborn to help him and his Dark Avengers team to lay "Siege" on Asgard. The turn of the tide changes when Ares attacks Osborn and The Sentry interfered only for the two go toe to toe and Sentry ended up ripping the God of War apart. He next faced Thor before Osborn orders him to bring down Asgard. With unexpected help from Loki, The Avengers managed to take him down and turned back to Robert Reynolds, who begged to be killed. Wrapping the remains of Sentry in his cape, Thor released it into the sun after granting him a quick death (Siege – Dark Avengers).

The Apocalypse Twins
When the team of Uncanny Avengers was already troubled with Thor and Wolverine's past mistakes that has led to the death of Celestial Gardener, the Apocalypse Twins; Uriel and Eimin resurrects The Sentry as well as Banshee, Grim Reaper and Daken as four Horsemen of Death. He headed straight to Apocalypse Ark to savagely take down Thor only to be faced by the God of Thunder again after a short while.

Ragnarok Now
The death of Celestial Gardener at the hands of Uriel and Eimin causes the arrival of Exitar the Executioner to destroy Earth as punishment. Even under the influence of the Apocalypse Twins, Thor managed to reach out to Sentry, who still wants to protect mankind despite his belief of being the new heir of Apocalypse. When confronted by Exitar, Sentry and Rogue held him long enough for Thor to slay him with the enchanted axe Jarnbjorn. 

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legacy of the void sentry
Into The Void

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A fictional protagonist who frequently appears in the Marvel Comics publications, The Sentry is created by writer Paul Jenkins (The Darkness, Hellblazer) and artist Jae Lee (Dark Tower, WildC.A.T.s) in the year 2000, debuting on the pages of the five-part limited series The Sentry, issue #1. Though, Sentry was absent in many of the earlier adventures of Marvel Universe before the events of Avengers Disassembled, he was present during Civil War, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, Utopia and Siege.

the sentry vs hulk
Taming The Hulk

The Sentry is not only the most powerful of all superheroes in Marvel but arguably in entire collective history of all comic books. He is powerful enough to tame The Incredible Hulk, fought Doctor Doom, tore down Morgan le Fay, defeated Ultron, tore Ares in half in fit of rage, destroyed Asgard, killed Loki in his Void form and finally he was only killed when he willingly let Thor strike a very powerful bolt of lightning on him. He was brought back afterwards by the Apocalypse Twins as Horseman of Death but he considered himself as a heir of Apocalypse.
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