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Superman – Secret Origin | Comics

Being raised in a farm by a caring couple Jonathan and Martha Kent, who found and took him as their own, young Clark Kent never felt they aren’t his real parents. Though they found him as an infant in a space pod carrying him that crash landed on their corn fields of Kansas, they sure raised him with the best lessons of morality that the last son of Krypton from an extra-terrestrial planet from far out never felt like an alien here or never had the second chance of doubt that he grew up here until he starts discovering many super human abilities manifesting among him.

superman secret origin
Superman – Secret Origin | Comics

He accidentally broke Pete Ross's arm, discovers x-ray like vision, almost burn down his school with heat vision while kissing Lana Lang and later rescued Lana from a storm by flew her away. These incidents have forced the Kents to show young Clark the rocket that brought him here in the first place, which briefs him about his origin through a holograph of his real parents Jor-El and Lara. Clark also met a young Lex Luthor back then whose ambitions were sky high from the start and he held a chunk of Kryptonite.

Later ahead, he met with the Legion of Super-Heroes from future, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, Ron Troupe, Steve Lombard and Cat Grant on Daily Planet when he moved to Metropolis. There he tussled with powerful villains like Parasite, Metallo and an influentially powerful Lex Luthor allied with General Sam Lane, as he proceeds to help people as the mysterious "Flying Man", whom they later dubbed as Superman.

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New City, New Friends

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Superman – Secret Origin (Hardcover)

Upon releasing the 12 part "Superman – Birthright" saga, the classic origin story of Superman created by John Byrne (Darkseid/Galactus, Doom Patrol) in the Man of Steel has changed greatly. But during the "Infinite Crisis" crossover event, DC Universe has been changed even more.

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The Rivalry Originates

So, writer Geoff Johns (Blackest NightBrightest Day) and artist Gary Frank (Batman – Earth OneSupergirl) were tasked to portray a fresh new version of Superman’s origin again and thus this six part limited series is created in 2009 and the delayed process finally ended up on 2010. This newly plotted storyline featuring a wide array of characters, was praised by all and it received great positive reception in general.
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