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Batgirl – A Knight Alone | Comics

Batman pushes Batgirl to regain her former battle prowess and in her weakest state, she faces Lady Shiva.

Following her encounter with a runaway psychic, Batgirl lost the ability to predict movement of her opponents and ended up getting shot multiple times. Batman is not allowing her to patrol the streets of Gotham City anytime soon until she become worthy of the costume once again. Her defense is gone and it got her ass kicked during sparring sessions.

So, she starts training in combat knowledge from the scratch to build a better defense system like everyone else of the Bat-Family now that she cannot predict the moves of her opponent. She trains for a whole week straight and then gets beat again.

On her constant insisting, Batman opens up to her about the tragedy of Jason Todd, the second Robin he recruited after Nightwing and how he was killed by The Joker, something he is not going to allow to happen again. When he goes out of town, Cassandra decided to continue vigilantism without the cowl yet Oracle figured it out anyway.

Barbara thinks that Cassandra can fight way better than her but for some reason it seems that she is always looking for danger. Later that night, she sees Lady Shiva during patrol and then follows her into a luxurious restaurant of the city to find out what she is up to. She sits there for long for Shiva to make a move but nothing happens at all.

batgirl vol 2 a knight alone dc comics cassandra cain
Batgirl – A Knight Alone | Comics

Then she notices a young woman walking in with armored guards and immediately assumes her as the target before jumping in to save her only to be knocked down to the ground by a left cross. Seeing no other way to save the girl, she lured Shiva away from killing the girl by challenging her into a duel and got beaten down one more time.

Cassandra wakes up later in an ambulance with a broken right arm but jumps out of it anyway. Shiva showed up again to collect a bracelet which she lost during their fight earlier and reveals that she came here to fight Cassandra but is disappointed to find her not up to a challenge. She knocks Shiva out with a cheap shot while handing the bracelet over.

Her training with Batman doesn't go well and the latter believes that it will take another year or so for her to be wearing the Batgirl costume again. She asks Oracle to send a message to Shiva and they meet on a rooftop that night. Shiva starts knocking down Cassandra before she could explain that she needs a favor from her and they agree for a price.

Meanwhile, Batman pays a visit to David Cain and watches one of the tapes which show how he trained Cassandra to be a killer, leading the Caped Crusader to conclude that all Cain did was abuse her. However, he is here for two police officers he killed a year prior in Gotham and a vengeful Dark Knight unleashes onto the world's deadliest assassin.

When her mentor returns, she asks him to hit her as she is ready now and surprisingly, she is able to dodge every time with her retained defensive skills. Turns out, she made a deal with Shiva, who would train her to make her able to predict the movements of her opponent and in exchange they will fight each other to death exactly a year later.

Next up, Batgirl had a brief encounter with Cain in Gotham and a faceoff with a metahuman. Afterwards, she gets entangled with a group of C.I.A. agents while trying to save the life of FBI sharp shooter Agent Johnson, who was actually hired to kill her. Realizing that he is a good man, Cassandra tries her best to help him to start over.

batgirl vol 2 dc comics cassandra cain lady shiva
Up Against Lady Shiva

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Here is your link to buy "Batgirl – A Knight Alone" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Batgirl – A Knight Alone

"A Knight Alone" marks the second storyline from first Batgirl monthly ongoing series by writer Scott Peterson (Batman – Kings of Fear, Underworld Unleashed) and Kelley Puckett (Batgirl – Fists of Fury, Batgirl – Silent Running) alongside artist Damion Scott (Robin/Batgirl – Fresh Blood, Robin – To Kill a Bird) through issues #07-11 and 13-14.

After making a smashing debut in 2000 as a prominent heroine of DC Comics, Cassandra Cain is stripped of her ability that made her so special by the end of her first solo arc. At the same time she is faced by the deadly warrior Lady Shiva but only ended up being knocked out other than getting killed to set up a larger plot to develop in future.

batgirl vol 2 dc comics batman damion scott
Back in The Costume

Batman makes guest appearance to mentor his newest recruit and goes after assassin David Cain regarding the events of "Batman – No Man's Land" when he killed two cops after his attempt on the life of Commissioner Gordon failed. From this point, he becomes a recurring antagonist character for The Dark Knight and his young protégé.

There was a few series of action to develop the silent knight into a more effective vigilante for Gotham. Cassandra continues her adventure as Batgirl in the next story titled "Death Wish" where she makes new friends and face old enemies once again.
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