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Batman – Endgame | Comics

While still dealing with an exposure to Fear Toxin from Scarecrow recently in form of vivid nightmares, Bruce Wayne was slowly catching up to his loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth and his daughter Julia Pennyworth in one of his Bat-bases. When these three were catching up, Wonder Woman suddenly comes crushing out of nowhere, pushing Bruce against the wall and then taking him to the Robinson Park while stating her and the League’s intent to kill him. It led him to instruct Alfred for proceeding with his plan "Fenrir".

A cloud of gas is released throughout Gotham covering almost ten square blocks and people were panicked for an evacuation. Upon clearing the area, Bruce gets into a brawl with Diana in his Justice Buster suit and pummeling her hard as she does not hold back. She is taken down by a relic and before he catches a break, it quickly turned into a street fight with the arrival of Aquaman and Flash. He was prepared for Cyborg or Green lantern to show up after defeating this two but the worst has yet to come. He was hoping for Superman not to show up but the Man of Steel made his grand entry eventually.

From Gotham Royal Theater, this super-human brawl between Batman and Superman broke in and got out of hands soon. His extended grin followed by a maniacal laugh revealed that it has all been orchestrated by The Joker, who’s behind all these mess and has returned once again. In spite of his efforts, Big-Blue couldn't shake off and The Dark Knight goes all in before finishing it off with a Kryptonite gum just to restrain his overpowered opponent. Batman barely got out alive from at the end of the fight with a rogue Superman using numerous feats at his disposal but left devastated in the end.

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Batman – Endgame | Comics

After taking care of his friends in Justice League, he goes back to Batcave suggesting Alfred and Julia to go into hiding but they both decided to stay and help. Looking for clues, Bruce visits the ruins of Arkham Asylum and came across Eric Border, who starts catching up of the old times. He traps Batman into Joker's cell and slowly reveals himself to be the Clown Prince of Crime, who's been hiding in plain sight all along. Locking him up there Joker released an airborne "Joker Toxin" to infect the whole city with his insanity.

The Clown assures to a Caped Crusader in his paralysis from the gas that he won't stop at nothing this time. Back in Batcave, it took all of his will to shake off the effects on him only to learn a city-wide spread of madness by the gas and Alfred was unable to come up with an antidote as Joker is using something unique this time. So, looking for patient zero to find a solution, Batman quickly heads to look for him in Gotham Presbyterian Hospital and informs Jim Gordon about it asking if he knows anything about it.

As The Dark Knight gets busy with infected horde, Gordon starts going through old records for history of tragedies it had in past, where he finds Joker's face in the background in many photos of incidents. The then maniac attacked Jim Gordon at his home but got shot at heart only to come back shortly when Gordon was making a call and stabbed him with an axe before addressing Batman on phone by his real name. Then he intrudes the Batcave and had an encounter with Alfred that would surely leave a mark on one of them.

Back at the hospital, Batman finds out his parents' killer Joe Chill is patient zero to his surprise and he finds himself in a mock-up situation of that night in Crime Alley, where a boy named Duke Thomas takes his place. Batgirl, Bluebird, Red Hood and Red Robin as well as super-villains like Bane, Clayface, Killer Croc, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Mister Freeze and Scarecrow comes forward to make a last stand for Gotham. After saving Duke, The Dark Knight goes to seek out and face the Clown for one last time.

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The Joker Strikes Again

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Since the beginning of The New 52 from DC Comics, the duo of writer Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Superman Unchained) and artist Greg Capullo (Haunt, Spawn) has been proving themselves not only as one of the finest collaborators in the comic-book industry but they also are one of the best creative team for a Batman monthly ongoing series ever. Following the massive build-up of The Dark Knight’s Prime Earth mythology, Batman’s greatest enemy, The Joker is back for business and not fooling around. Derived mostly from the second publication of Batman series from issue #35-40, "Endgame" storyline also contains some tie-in issues to be added for the reading.

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The Pale Man Triumphant

Major stories like Court of the Owls, Death of the Family and Zero Year are also hinted in certain points of the plot and many fan-favorite heroes and villains made their appearance in this tale! The part Nightwing plays in Batman's plan against the maniac was also twist even he didn't expect. Showing up in all the old press photo background to indicate he has been out there for a while and probably even immortal, The Joker really played a dark prank on many good-guys. Following this arc, the maniacal clown does not return until the ushering of "DC Rebirth" and his origin got revised a bit.
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