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Saturday, November 4, 2006

Spawn/Batman | Comics

spawn and batman
Spawn/Batman | Comics
The creature of night and bane of the criminal minds, Batman is now in New York city, investigating a huge storage of high-tech weaponries. He suspects that this hidden arsenal belongs to the soviet, but yet not sure. After dealing with a small gang of thugs, he is suddenly attacked by a huge cyborg that severely beat him down within seconds. With a cybernatic gauntlet that he found in the armory, Batman fights the robot back before it could puddle him any further. And after quite an effort, he eventually disables the cyborg assailant but to his surprise, he finds out a human inside the cybernetic exoskeleton but with no organs except for the head. Just as he was about to save the man in the exo-suit, the robot self destructs itself, rendering the head lifeless before spilling any information.

Two sick minded street jerks tried to put a sleeping homeless man on fire just for kicks but the fire chased them instead. While running for their lives, they met the lieutenant of Hell, Spawn. Spawn puts them both on hellfire to teach them a lesson for their deeds. Batman engages Spawn by surprise and these two creatures of night fights an intense battle and beat each other up to the end. Spawn faces one of the cyborgs but quickly subdues it. Soon, Batman and Spawn came into terms that they both are looking for one common enemy that has a major sinister agenda which if not stopped in time will cost many innocent lives.

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todd mcfarlane spawn
Crusaders of Night
spawn batman comic
The Dark Vigilantes
Here is your link for "Spawn/Batman" One-Shot inter-company crossover storyline from DC Comics and Image Comics.


Following the success of their popular superhero character Batman and Spawn, DC Comics and Image Comics jointly published this one-shot inter-company crossover in 1994. Writer Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Strikes Again) and Spawn's creator Todd McFarlance were assigned to create the plot where this two fan favorite superhero will meet each other and will create history and it surely is going to leave a mark. However, despite being a spectacular one-shot crossover, this storyline does not take place in the regular continuity of the respected characters own monthly ongoing series and does not effect any of their current plot.
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Friday, March 10, 2006

Daredevil/Batman – Eye for an Eye | Comics

Marvel's "Man Without Fear" meets The Dark Knight of the DC Universe who strikes terror in the hearts of the cowardly criminal mobs of all sorts. Both of these urban heroes rely a lot on their own skills and the very athletic physique they possess, which has made them both a legend to their adversaries in all places.

batman daredevil team up
Daredevil/Batman – Eye for an Eye | Comics

They both have spent their whole lifetime practicing to defend innocent people who cannot save themselves from the vile monsters of the society. Orphaned as a child, they both chose the very hard path to serve the lives of the common masses. These two vigilante heroes came face to face when two of their deadliest enemies decided to become allied forces together for greater evil.

While investigating a murder mystery in the sewers, Batman encounters the blind superhero Daredevil there, unbeknownst of the latter's intention and surprise attacked him. They tussle and haggle a bit for sometime, but soon realize that they are too good for each other to defeat and that they are mistakenly attacking each other by thinking the other as an opponent.

Actually it is Batman's nemesis, the villainous Two-Face who has now teamed up with one of Daredevil's excessively bulky and incredibly super-strong adversary Mr. Hyde and they both are planning to get their hands on a deadly genetic device capable of immense power. If Batman and Daredevil do not work together and figure the actual plot of these two villains in time, then there will be heavy casualties for sure and it will be too late for both of them to act and save the day ever again.

For more information on Daredevil/Batman – Eye for an Eye one shot crossover, you can check out the link below.

Daredevil/Batman – Eye for an Eye (Comics) Marvel Wikia

scott mcdaniel batman
A Devil On The Hood

Here is your link for "Daredevil/Batman – Eye for an Eye" one-shot crossover storyline from DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

Daredevil/Batman – Eye for an Eye

Daredevil/Batman - Eye for an Eye is a one-shot company wide crossover comics released in 1997, a joint venture by Marvel Comics and DC Comics. The creative team who were behind "Daredevil - Fall from the Grace" storyline from Marvel Comics, writer D. G. Chichester (Elektra – Root of Evil, Punisher/Black Widow – Spinning Doomsday's Web) and artist Scott McDaniel (Batman – Dead to Rights, Batman – Impostors) teamed up once again for this one-shot story.

batman v daredevil
Man Without Fear Vs. Dark Knight

This one-shot crossover tale has some really fantastic moments for the fans like two super-villains from the rogues gallery of this two crime-fighters and what crisis put these two unlikely heroes to team-up and work together to save the day from the evil plan of their nemesis is really very intriguing.
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Friday, December 3, 2004

JLA – Earth 2 | Comics

A runaway spacecraft lands on a field of New Earth, from which comes out Alexander Luthor of the antimatter Earth; a world parallel to ours but with a completely different reality. Luthor came looking for Super-People of this Earth when a plane from antimatter Earth accidentally crash lands into our atmosphere and the situation is immediately checked by Justice League of America.

jla earth 2
JLA – Earth 2 | Comics

They found the people are all dead from the stress of their dimensional transport and after some investigation, found them to be from another reality. Suspecting Luthor’s involvement in this matter, they confronted him only to find out a reverse version of him, who is here to seek help from Justice League to defeat their own evil counterpart; the Crime Syndicate of Amerika.

On the antimatter Earth, Alexander Luthor is a superhero who keeps tangling with the Crime Syndicate frequently and it’s leader Ultraman. There, Owlman is the maniacal son of Thomas Wayne, who is secretly in a relation with Ultraman’s wife Lois Lane AKA Super-Woman. Johnny Quick and Power Ring are two evil counterpart of The Flash and Green lantern.

Though hesitant at first and Batman’s initial refusal, the Justice League travels to antimatter Earth after a vote. There, on Luthor's depurture, Ultraman calls a meeting to discuss about their counterparts from positive matter and soon discovers that they are trapped by the JLA in their moon base but quickly gets out with help from Owlman only to visit the positive matter Earth for conquering it.

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Earth 2 jla
New Earth Meets Earth 2

Here is your links for "JLA – Earth 2" One-Shot storyline from DC Comics.

JLA – Earth 2 (Softcover)

JLA – Earth 2 (Hardcover)

Following the previous encounter between Justice League and the Crime Syndicate of Amerika after the events of “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, DC Comics has re-invented the antimatter Earth through the newly developed "JLA – Earth 2" one-shot graphic novel. Writer Grant Morrison (Animal ManAztek, the Ultimate Man) and artist Frank Quitely (All-Star Superman) has worked on this one-shot comic-book that was released back on 2000.

lex luthor earth 2
Alexander Luthor of Antimatter Universe

The story has served as a re-telling of the origin of the infamous Crime Syndicate team, consisting the reversed version of the Justice League as well as their experience of the alternate reality, where Law and Order is consider as Chaos and Anarchy and facing their counterparts on a negative settlement, which is later explored further in other stories of DC Comics.
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Friday, January 30, 2004

Batman – The Killing Joke | Comics

The Joker is considered as an agent of chaos to everyone who knows him. Batman goes to Arkham Asylum to pay The Joker a casual visit and talk things down to end the ever-going madness between them only to find out that he is facing an imposter who just took the clown place in the prison.

After escaping Arkham Asylum, he decides to capture and torture Police Commissioner James Gordon to an extent that could possibly made him lose grip over his moral beliefs. So, he drags Gordon to street, dragged him to an amusement park to strip naked and locked him up in a cage.

the killing joke
Batman – The Killing Joke | Comics

Then to add some more, Joker shoots his daughter Barbara and made him watch the naked stills of her. Along way, he also elaborates his own story of a “Rough-Day” that turned him to this. Many years ago in Gotham City, an engineer left his job in a chemical company to pursue the career of a stand-up comedian, which failed badly in every step.

In a desperate attempt to support his pregnant wife, he joins two petty criminals in a robbery but learns of his wife’s sudden death in an accident at the last moment. This made him to give up on the plan but those two forced him to co-operate and made him wear a cylinder-like red mask to become the Red Hood.

Upon entering the chemical plant, the thugs were shot and he accidentally fell into a vat of chemicals when confronted the Batman. This, pretty much ruined his appearance and mixed with his "One Bad Day", he turned into the Joker.

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the joker comic
Birth of the Clown Prince

Here is your links for "Batman – The Killing Joke" One-Shot storyline from DC Comics.

Batman – The Killing Joke (Softcover)

Batman – The Killing Joke (Hardcover)

Batman – The Killing Joke (Kindle Edition)

Batman – The Killing Joke is a one-shot comics featuring a early encounter between Batman and The Joker from DC Comics released on 1988. This story was written by renowned writer Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta) and drawn exclusively by artist Brian Bolland (Animal Man, Judge Dredd). The Killing Joke turns out to be one of the most successful Batman stories of all time as well as a great epic tale of the clown prince of crime.

barbara gordon batgirl
An Accidental Visitor

Though set in a non-canonical platform, the story sets quite a line for many future publications from DC, where reference from the issue is made. In 2016, Warner Bros. Pictures has made an animated movie based on the titular story, also titled "The Killing Joke" that is released on direct-to-video.
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Monday, September 1, 2003

Alien – The Illustrated Story | Comics

In the year of 2122, Weyland Industries has sent the commercial spaceship USCSS Nostromo on a space excursion with seven of its crew members in stasis. The ship’s artificial intelligence MU-TH-UR 6000 awakes her crews from their hyper-sleep upon receiving an unknown distress transmission from a nearby planetoid, LV-426.

walter simonson aliens
Alien – The Illustrated Story | Comics

Nostromo lands on the planetoid after being detached from the refinery. Captain Dallas, Executive Officer Kane and Navigator Lambert proceeds to find out the source of the transmission, leaving Warrant Officer Ripley, Science Officer Ash and Engineers Brett and Parker behind to observe their activities. The source of the distress signal was located in a the wishbone-shaped derelict alien spacecraft.

As Ripley decodes the signal as some sort of warning, the crews inside the derelict finds a corpse of an alien being and Kane is choked with a scorpion like creature with a spine-like tail that has attached to his face when he was inspecting a hidden chamber containing a lot of egg-like leathery capsule.

Dallas and Lambert immediately abort their investigation and took Kane to Nostromo for medical attention. Despite Ripley’s denial, Ash allowed them in and they unsuccessfully try to remove the Facehugger which eventually dies after releasing Kane but soon he also dies when a small, hideous alien creature came bursting through his chest and hid inside the dark corners of the ship. What the crews does not knew till then is that they have a horror out of hell hiding in their ship.

For more information on Alien – The Illustrated Story graphic novel, you can check out the link below.

Alien – The Illustrated Story (Comics) Wikia

alien the covenant
Nightmare In The Dark

Here is your links to buy "Alien – The Illustrated Story" from Dark Horse Comics on Amazon.

Alien – The Illustrated Story

Alien – The Illustrated Story (Original Art Edition)

Published in 1979 as an adaptation of the Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror film of the same name, Alien – The Illustrated Story is a graphic novel from Heavy Metal. The story of the film was retold by writer Archie Goodwin (The Incredible Hulk, Star Wars) and artist Walt Simonson (Orion, Thor).

dark horse aliens
Horrors of Space

Though the publication right of the Aliens franchise was late obtained by Dark Horse Comics, in 2012, the original black and white version of the book is reprinted in colored edition. The novelization of the plot garnered critical acclaim even from the creators of the film as they noted that it was even better that the movie.
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Monday, August 11, 2003

Batman – The Man Who Laughs | Comics

The citizens of Gotham City are being murdered without an explanation by a mysterious maniac, each time leaving a ghastly grin on the faces of his victims. Captain James Gordon and other officers are investigating these murders in a warehouse full of corpses and Batman soon enters the scene working side by side with Gotham's law enforcement.

doug mahnke joker
Batman – The Man Who Laughs | Comics

The Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane is about to reopen again and while reporting the news on TV, a reporter faces the similar fate as the warehouse victims, laughing with the same grin on her face and the killer then threatens to kill the millionaires of Gotham City. He starts his killing spree by threatening and afterwards killing Henry Claridge with his face turning pale white by making him laugh to his death.

In spite of the best efforts Captain Gordon and his team has put to save him, he dies anyway. Batman too came to save Claridge but he successfully tracks down the mysterious killer who is reveled to be none other than the psychotic Clown Prince of Crime, who goes by the name of The Joker, an adversary who would become Batman's greatest enemy for life and an agent of chaos for Gotham City.

Next up, The Joker stages a break-out at Williams Medical Center but Batman's timely arrival had stopped the inmates from doing anything serious, yet Joker managed to kill Jay W. Wilde, whom he threatened to kill earlier. As his rampage subsequently terrorizes Gotham, soon the murderous clown has declared to murder the famous billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.

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Batman – The Man Who Laughs (Comics) DC Wikia

the joker batman
The Mirthful Menace

Here is your links for "Batman – The Man Who Laughs" One-Shot storyline from DC Comics.

Batman – The Man Who Laughs (Softcover)

Batman – The Man Who Laughs (Hardcover)

The Man Who Laughs is a one-shot comic-book issue that features the popular DC Comics character, Batman and his arch nemesis The Joker. This story is a new approach into the early encounters between Batman and The Joker, following the "Batman – Year One" story arc by Frank Miller (The Dark Knight ReturnsThe Dark Knight Strikes Again) where The Dark Knight started his career of vigilantism on Gotham City, that led The Joker down the path to his insanity (Batman – The Killing Joke) and for which he also held Batman responsible.

joker dc comics
That Smiley Face

This issue was written by writer Ed Brubaker (Batman – Gotham Noir, Batman – Turning Points) and the fine finishes were delivered by artist Doug Mahnke (Final Crisis, Justice League Elite). This one also features a side story titled "Made of Wood" which is from the issues #784–786 of the Detective Comics monthly ongoing.
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