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Action Comics – Men of Steel | Comics

In a distant future, Earth will be engulfed in flames and toxic fumes with the fall of Justice League. Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, The Flash and Wonder Woman will fall as army of Parademons from the hellish world of Apokolips will take over Earth on behalf of their master, The Annihilator. In present, Earth just witnessed the Death of Superman lately and the one from New Earth has stepped into his shoes to protect the mankind.

At the same time, former super-villain Lex Luthor also proclaimed himself as the new Man of Steel wearing the iconic red cape of the original one, despite the new Superman's disapproval. Eventually, they both set aside their past differences when the ultimate killing machine named Doomsday got loose on the streets of Metropolis (Path of Doom). Another Clark Kent showed up mysteriously and Lois Lane took the place of her counterpart from this world. Lois and Lex both came under attack at Daily Planet during an interview session.

superman lex luthor action comics rebirth
Action Comics – Men of Steel | Comics

Superman and Superboy were investigating on Amazon Rainforest where they found the missing Geneticron building that previously vanished from Metropolis during the Doomsday incident. Suddenly, at the call of emergency, he immediately heads back to Metropolis with Jon. He saw that Lex was already engaged with an unknown alien who calls himself L'Call, the Godslayer. Out of nowhere, Superman is punched down by his accomplice, Zade before he could even react.

Godslayer states, he is an alien assassin who kills future-criminals for generations, guided by the elder Ch'Arr and now he is here for Lex Luthor, who will take Darkseid's place in near future and his army will decimate many worlds among this one. He came from the future seeing this and he knows how great of a threat Lex would become because, he was once forced to serve the dreaded Darkseid after his family was slayed by the tyrant.

Godslayer and Zade initially overpower Superman and forcibly took Luthor with them for execution. To save the would-be galactic mass murderer, the Man of Tomorrow must journey to the distant planet of Nideesi following Godslayer's unique form of energy. An intense face-off awaits between the Godslayer and Superman on Nideesi to decide Luthor's uncertain fate.

lex luthor action comics rebirth
Trial of Lex Luthor

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Action Comics 967

Action Comics 968

Action Comics 969

Action Comics 970

Action Comics 971

Action Comics 972

Here is your link to buy "Action Comics – Men of Steel" of DC Comics from Amazon.

Action Comics – Men of Steel

As part of the DC Rebirth era, Action Comics continues its run with "Men of Steel" story arc, plotted by writer Dan Jurgens (Metamorpho – Year One, Superman/Doomsday – Hunter/Prey) teamed up with the team of artists Art Thibert (Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men), Patrick Zircher (Green Arrow – New 52, Suicide Squad – New 52), Stephen Segovia (Green Lantern – New Guardians – Gods and Monsters, Poison Ivy – Cycle of Life and Death) and Tyler Kirkham (The Darkness, Tomb Raider). Penciller Clay Mann (Dark Reign – Elektra, Magneto – Not a Hero) and Gary Frank (Batman – Earth One, Superman – Secret Origin) has provided variant covers for the issues involved.

superman and lex luthor team up
The Last Battlefield

The storyline collects issues #967-972 from Action Comics monthly ongoing and features an unlikely team-up of Superman and Lex Luthor, to save the latter from an alien bounty-hunter who is hell-bent on capturing him only to execute so that millions of lives are saved in the future. The series will explore the crossover storyline "Superman Reborn" from DC Comics next which will answer questions to many mysteries.
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