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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Avengers - The Initiative – Disassembled | Comics

After the events of "Civil War" in terms of the controversial Superhuman Registration Act, the way of lives for all hero was changed drastically and the entire superheroes was divided. A new initiative is taken by the government and they now have to follow a couple of conditions like, to register their identities and to be trained with them.

avengers the initiative
Avengers - The Initiative – Disassembled | Comics

Following the Secret Invasion of Skrulls, superheroes started losing their faith and credibility from people's mind; ushering a "Dark Reign" of evil on the nation. Under Norman Osborn's control, Iron Man is replaced as the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Initiative and everything it used to stand for is now completely changed. Worst of all, The Avengers are gone from the scene, now acting from the shadows as Secret Avengers.

After scientist Henry Pym left The Initiative, Gauntlet is in charge at Camp Hammond and is maintaining the cadets currently. To avenge their defeat over Earth and its populace, the Skrulls have implanted a mole of their own; the murderous Thor clone known as Ragnarok (who killed Goliath during Civil War) that has recently resurfaced after blasting Baron Von Blitzschlag upon mentioning that he is not the real “one”.

He went on rampage, only to be opposed by the currently outlaw team of New Warriors led by former Avenger member Justice. Last but not least, the identity of the mysterious member of the Shadow Initiative member Mutant Zero is finally revealed to everyone else of the team by Taskmaster and they are shocked at the revelation of the person who has four different persona to deal with and a history with Daredevil.

ragnarok marvel comics
Ragnarok on Rampage

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Avengers - The Initiative 25

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Avengers - The Initiative – Disassembled (Softcover)

Avengers - The Initiative – Disassembled (Softcover)

"Disassembled " is a story arc that took place in the Avengers - The Initiative monthly series and ran from issues #21-25 from the monthly ongoing. This story arc was published by Marvel Comics in 2009, developed by writer Christos Gage (Annihilation – Conquest - Quasar, World War Hulk – X-Men) and manga styled artist Humberto Ramos (Superior Spider-Man, Wolverine).

taskmaster and typhoid mary marvel
Mutant Zero Is Revealed

Serving as a tie-in to the company wide major crossover Dark Reign, "Disassembled" changed the very basics of the Avengers - The Initiative monthly title and features many fan favorite characters again in the lime light, as many significant character joins the team while others just leaves.
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Civil War – Wolverine | Comics

During their publicity stunt for TV show, the young heroes of the New Warriors have tried to perform a staged attack on the hideout of the second-string bad-guys like Cobalt Man, Speedfreek, Coldheart and Nitro, that ended up in vanquishing them all when Nitro accidentally blew up in a massive blast and then escaped in the back of a pickup truck after causing a huge collateral damage to Stamford, killing many as a result.

civil war wolverine
Civil War – Wolverine | Comics

Woverine was fighting Arthur Blackwood and Crusader flunkies to stop them from hijacking a federal treasury. It ended up with the enemies losing and the plane they were in, crashing on a corn field. He then went to a bar for refreshment but then New Avengers and X-Men communicator calls him in. He learns about the Stamford incident from TV. The human and mutant superheroes tirelessly puts their effort in helping in this situation and Iron Man talks to Captain America about Nitro's current whereabouts.

He talked with fellow X-Men member Cyclops and Emma Frost about going after Nitro and in spite of their warning, Logan goes after the villain to avenge the deaths of innocents. Upon deciding that the nature of the blast Nitro produced during the incident was even greater than his regular extent, Wolverine goes on a personal mission to take down the man who is responsible for the infamous Stamford tragedy, which caused the Superhuman Registration Act to be created and the super-human “Civil War” as well.

As soon as he starts digging deep into the mystery in search for Nitro, he finds out disturbing information on the existence of a small group of stalkers who also is looking for the same person and has an encounter with them. Logan is anxious not only about the mysterious trio but also their superior, to whom they answer to.

Logan finally apprehends the human bomb but Nitro blew him up and a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to bits. An enraged Wolverine comes after Nitro to interrogate about his secret benefactor. Namor, the Sub-Mariner and his Atlantean royal guards appears to take Nitro for trial. When he digs deep to the core of a conspiracy he is approached by The Mandroids in a three-on-one fight and then he is about to be faced by the all-powerful superhero; The Sentry.

wolverine vs nitro
Nitro Strikes Again

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Wolverine V3 44

Wolverine V3 45

Wolverine V3 46

Wolverine V3 47

Wolverine V3 48

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Civil War – Wolverine

"Civil War – Wolverine" is a seven part mini story arc, that took place in third monthly ongoing volume of Wolverine, from issue #42-48, which by the way is a Civil War tie-in story. Famous writer Marc Guggenheim (Punisher & Bullseye – Deadliest Hits, Secret Invasion – Amazing Spider-Man) serves his writing talent for the story and sensational artist Humberto Ramos (Amazing Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man) delivers the finishes for "Civil War – Wolverine", which was published in 2007, by Marvel Comics.

humberto ramos wolverine
Knocking on Heaven's Door

New Avengers member Captain America, Iron Man, Luke Cage, and Spider-Woman, along with Dagger, Daredevil, Falcon, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Thing, Yellowjacket and Wasp also briefly appeared in this story alongside many other popular superhero team and character as well. Hulkling, Patriot, Stature, Vision and Wiccan of the Young Avengers were also included in the cameo. In this solo mission to apprehend Nitro, Wolverine actually went through a personal journey and made peace with some of his past.
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Saturday, September 13, 2003

Scarlet Spider | Comics

Biochemistry professor Miles Warren had a strong romantic pull over Peter Parker’s then love interest Gwen Stacy. When she died (Death of the Stacys) Warren gone mad thinking Spider-Man was solely responsible for this incident and took the identity of The Jackal to make Spidey’s life miserable. First, he made a clone of Peter Parker named Kaine, then he cloned Gwen Stacy and created another clone named Ben Reilly.

scarlet spider kaine
Scarlet Spider | Comics

He allied himself with Green Goblin and ushered Clone Saga. Jackal fooled Peter to believe that he is a clone and Ben is the real deal but when the former died, everyone realized Jackal’s deception. Kaine believed Peter to be a clone and used to roam New York as a serial killer who tried to frame Ben Reilly for the murders.

After Ben’s demise, Peter becomes Spider-Man again and Kaine Parker lived. He sacrifices himself during the “Grim Hunt” when Alyosha and Ana Kravinoff came looking for Spider-Man to resurrect Kraven through a ritual. Kaine eventually came back to life as a six-legged freak Tarantula during “Spider-Island” event and ended the crisis.

He becomes Scarlet Spider with all the power but none of the responsibility. Alongside Venom, Kaine tangled with Carnage upon his return (Minimum Carnage), fought the Assassins Guild, bested the X-Men and teamed up with Wolverine. Scarlet Spider allied himself with the New Warriors and later traveled to Spider-Verse to put an end to the reign of Morlun and The Inheritors alongside the Spider-Men of Multiverse.

For more information on Scarlet Spider comics series, you can check out these links below.

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scarlet spider comic
Kaine's Redemption

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Spider-Man – The Lost Years


Spider-Man – Revelations

Spider-Man – The Complete Ben Reilly Epic Book 01

Spider-Man – Return of The Black Cat

Spider-Man – The Grim Hunt (Softcover)

Spider-Man – The Grim Hunt (Hardcover)

Spider-Man – Spider-Island

Scarlet Spider Vol 01 – Life After Death (Softcover)

Scarlet Spider Vol 01 – Life After Death (Hardcover)

Scarlet Spider Vol 02 – Lone Star

Carnage – Minimum Carnage

Scarlet Spider Vol 03 – The Big Leagues

Scarlet Spider Vol 04 – Into the Grave

New Warriors Vol 01 – The Kids Are All Fight

Spider-Verse (Softcover)

Spider-Verse (Hardcover)

Originated from the idea of Spider-Man, a clone version of the character was introduced by Terry Kavanagh and Steven Butler on the pages of Marvel Comics and the alias ‘Scarlet Spider’ was first used by Peter Parker’s clone Ben Reilly in 1994. Then Joe Wade assumed the name upon becoming an evil cybernetic version of it and then Peter himself had taken the role briefly.

scarlet spider man
Web of Spider-Men

Later a team of three Michael Van Patrick clones acted as Scarlet Spiders to form "Red Team" for The Initiative and finally Kaine Parker took the mantle in his own monthly ongoing series for good. The character had a short lived ongoing series titled ‘The Amazing Scarlet Spider’ back in 1995 and later another series was launched in 2012 featuring Kaine Parker, who at one point even met with the Superior Spider-Man during 'Sibling Rivalry'.
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