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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Avengers – The Children's Crusade | Comics

As young hero Wiccan see his powers growing rapidly, he must find out where Scarlet Witch is to get help.

Debuting at a time when The Avengers were fallen and scattered, a young group of heroes decided to take mantle of their icons and become Young Avengers, formed by Hawkeye, Hulkling, Patriot, Speed, Stature, Vision and Wiccan. Together they fought Kang the Conqueror, in Civil War, Secret Invasion and during Siege of Asgard.

As they were taking on racial zealot group Sons of the Serpent, one of their members shot Hulkling. When Captain America, Iron Man and Ms. Marvel reach there, one terrorist threatens them all with a nuclear weapon strapped to his back. To protect his boyfriend, Billy Kaplan sets off a power surge, rendering all Serpent members comatose.

Given Billy have no idea of what he just did; The Avengers suggest that he stays with them as they do not want to deal with another Scarlet Witch situation and explained how Wanda Maximoff went crazy after losing her twin sons. Surprised by this revelation, Wiccan concludes that he and Speed are likely to be her lost siblings.

Also, he is frustrated that his idols never even bothered to investigate whether or not she was truly responsible and leaves. However, Cap beat him to home and convinced his parents to let him stay with The Avengers. On their way, Hulkling showed up insisting to stay by his side since they are partners and Captain America simply agrees.

In their two-bed room in Avengers Tower, Teddy Altman tries to convince Billy Kaplan to agree to let The Avengers test his power and rest of their Young Avengers teammates arrive to rescue him just then. Although he is flattered to see his friends care for him, Billy requests them to put him back in or else he will be hounded once again.

avengers the children's crusade marvel comics cover allan heinberg jim cheung
Avengers – The Children's Crusade | Comics

Stature suggests that they try to find Scarlet Witch instead so she knows that that her kids are alive and may be able to reverse her actions, possibly bringing her father back to life. Agreeing to her point, Magneto arrives out of nowhere to meet his grandsons and seek help from them to find his daughter as they are the only links to her.

When he attempted to take them to Wundagore Mountain in Transia, Patriot and rest of their team opposes only to be intervened by New Avengers. Wiccan tries to reason with them seeing Magneto and Wolverine quickly getting into a heated battle but when no one was ready to listen to him, he teleports all of his friends to Transia.

Patriot is upset at Billy as he has now made them all fugitives but Hawkeye states that they should stick together as a team. They start looking for clues at the grave of Magneto's former wife Magda and as soon as Wiccan begin to pick a trail of Wanda Maximoff, Speed races to nearby village area and ran into his uncle, Quicksilver.

What he does next is to race back at his father and starts throwing stakes at him, one of which impales a woman who looks like Wanda. It turns out to be a Doombot and everyone assumes that Doctor Doom has kept her a prisoner all along. Magneto believes that they couldn't find her until now probably because of Doom's powerful magic.

Meanwhile, The Avengers called in former member Wonder Man to help them find Wanda but he is not willing to help seeing Logan being too eager to kill her. After a heated exchange, He punched Wolverine down a level and he leaves to find her. Unwilling to help them find her or rejoin their ranks, Simon leaves briefly to find her as well.

Magneto suggests that they all invade Castle Doom but Patriot and Quicksilver opposes this idea of starting a war. Billy proposes to do a recon using magic and tries to do so at night even after everyone was against this idea. He eventually visits Latveria alone in a disguise but his cover is blown off by Wanda, who is betrothed to Doom.

Soon as they mentioned him, Doctor Doom appears and despite his belief, Wanda Maximoff was seemingly living here on her own free will. After knocking Wiccan out, Doom asks her to get married the next day. Outside of his castle, Magneto was making plans with Quicksilver and Young Avengers to storm his stronghold somehow.

Doom heals up Billy and relieves him off his powers as he explains how she came to him earlier seeking help. Before Magneto and his allies could lead an assault, The Avengers and Wonder Man arrive there. Curious to know about her past as Scarlet Witch and seeing Victor behaving differently, Wanda showed him out in her wedding dress.

When stepped outside, they see heroes are surrounded by an army of Doombots as they are trying to fight against Doom. Amidst this chaos, Wolverine sneaks up on Wanda and attempted to gut her down for what she did to millions of mutants before getting blasted off by Iron Lad, who has returned back from future to save Wiccan.

When things get heated up, he escapes into timestream with his friends and got back to the day Jack of Hearts blew up Avengers Mansion. They see Scott Lang AKA Ant-Man and they were able to save him before Jack explodes inevitably. Somehow they all return to present time and apparently Wanda Maximoff remembers everything now.

Regaining her powers, she conjures up a fleet of Kree ships and Ultron robots to attack her but her sons managed to calm her down. Beast, Hawkeye and Jessica Jones arrives to witness her reappearance and informs The Avengers. Young Avengers are worried that Logan is not ready to give her a second chance and intends to kill her.

Beast proposes that if she could restore powers of all depowered mutants who volunteers and they contacts X-Factor. Rictor agrees to be a guinea pig despite refusal from Madrox and even got his powers back. She intends to do that to all mutants who wants their power back and they all notices that X-Men are already here to get her.

A fight breaks down when The Avengers came to take custody of her and Wanda decides to seek help from Dr. Doom. She uses her godlike powers to access Life Force to undo her mistakes with help from her betrothed and Wiccan. Victor Von Doom stole her power to become omnipotent and gets opposed by all heroes.

avengers vs x-men children's crusade marvel comics cover allan heinberg jim cheung
Deaths, Departures and Funeral

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10. Uncanny X-Men 526

11. Avengers - The Children's Crusade - Young Avengers

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Avengers – The Children's Crusade (Softcover)

Avengers – The Children's Crusade (Hardcover)

Set in motion following "Avengers Disassembled" event, Marvel Comics has been planning "The Children's Crusade" with writer Allan Heinberg (Young Avengers – Family Matters, Young Avengers – Sidekicks) and artist Jim Cheung (Astonishing X-Men – Life of X, Avengers & X-Men – Axis) on board long before it was published in 2012.

Though Young Avengers have been there during some recent major crossovers, they never had a definitive event of their own. In quest for Scarlet Witch, who disappeared after altering reality during "House of M" and then depowering millions of mutants in a whim, Speed and Wiccan has found their believed mother and reunited with her.

After a newly reformed Magneto learns of these two from Dr. Nemesis, he approached Cyclops to know more about them. Wolverine warns him to stay away from those kids before walking away but Erik Lehnsherr paid them a visit anyway. Following a tussle with The Avengers, he even managed to enlist their help in finding his daughter.

Tension among Maximoff family has been an all time high; especially between Magneto and Quicksilver, considering the former tried to kill the latter last time they met. Victor Von Doom coming out as real culprit behind falling of Avengers by manipulating Wanda from very beginning was a real surprise and so was return of Ant-Man.

Doctor Doom ascending to godhood and becoming even more powerful than he was before by stealing Beyonder's power before in "Secret Wars" was a predictable threat. In a way, "The Children's Crusade" has paved paths for "Avengers Vs. X-Men" event with a brief yet intense skirmish within two super-hero teams, which took place afterwards.
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Deadpool – Dark Reign | Comics

After helping save Earth from the Skrulls, Deadpool was on his way to payday but someone ripped him off!

When he took a job from Nick Fury for infiltrating and acquiring sensitive data on the shape-shifting alien race of invading Skrulls, Deadpool accidentally had things mixed up and his second attempt for another job goes wrong as well. When he was headed back home two days later hopping in a cargo ship, he was suddenly attacked by Tiger Shark and drowned. He then finds himself on the news for beating Shark up in a fight as a group of journalists were asking him questions about it and one of them starts flirting.

All of these were what he was daydreaming about but in actual, two children on shore were poking into his eye-socket when he washed up on Newport Beach. In San Diego, Tiger Shark receives a call from his employer regarding a contract that has not being fulfilled as in, Deadpool is very much alive and he recently escaped from local morgue upon regaining consciousness. So, he is tasked to bring the head of the merc this time. Next morning, Wade wakes up in a homeless shelter and despite finding a really hot chick there; he decides to go out looking for a payback on Shark.

deadpool comic books
Deadpool – Dark Reign | Comics

Just as he stepped outside, he sees Tiger Shark in the alley came looking for him with a big machete. He immediately got inside but the savage man-fish broke in to chop his head off but Wade quickly turned the table by taking his weapon from him but the local police came firing in believing that Deadpool was actually killing hostages and his enemy escaped. Before he could improve his chances with that attractive nurse, he is riddled with bullets by cops. When he unzips himself from a body bag, he was on a pier instead of a morgue.

The Man-Shark suddenly returns to take Wade by surprise but his old buddy Bob, Agent of HYDRA showed up to rescue. However, he is a big wuss who couldn't even throw his rifle back at DP without dropping it on water. Bob was actually here to assist Shark but ending up choosing Wilson's side and he eventually admits that after helping defeat the villain. Settling scores with Shark, Deadpool is now looking for the person responsible for this attack on him and he is none other than, Norman Osborn, director of H.A.M.M.E.R.

He heads to Avengers Tower for a huge payday that he believes Osborn owes him for the help in defeating the Skrulls, only to be facing the new team of Thunderbolts. Newest Black Widow managed to charm him and he wanted to hang out with her but due to interruption from her teammates, he flew. He calls Taskmaster for help, who also wants to take down Osborn. To deal with the merc for good, Osborn sends the new Hawkeye of Dark Avengers team; the expert marksman and psychotic villain known as Bullseye.

wade wilson deadpool
Sharks Don't Sleep

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Deadpool V2 06

Deadpool V2 07

Deadpool V2 10

Deadpool V2 11

Deadpool V2 12

Here is your links to buy "Deadpool – Dark Reign" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Deadpool – Dark Reign (Softcover)

Deadpool – Dark Reign (Hardcover)

Whether many people agree to that or not, Deadpool has played an important part in saving the world during Secret Invasion event and he has returned to break the fourth wall on Dark Reign. So, comic-book writer Daniel Way (Bullseye – Greatest Hits, Ghost Rider – Vicious Cycle) joins with artist Paco Medina (Legendary Star-Lord – Face It, I Rule, Venom – Run) to create this tie-in story "Deadpool – Dark Reign", while Jason Pearson (Deadpool – Wade Wilson's War, Legion of Super-Heroes) exclusively delivers cover art for the issues involved. Previous arc, "Deadpool – Secret Invasion" has started a prologue for the current one.

deadpool x-men
Killer Vs. Mercenary

DP has faced the dreaded Man-Shark for the first time in his life and his long-time best bud Bob has also sort of turned on him for a while. The story collects issue #06-07 and #10-12 from second ongoing volume of Deadpool monthly series from Marvel Comics, which came out in 2009. The issues from in-between continuation were collected in another story titled "Dark Reign – Deadpool/Thunderbolts", which has more focus on the team members of Thunderbolts taking on the Merc with a Mouth. In course of this adventure, Wade Wilson briefly tries to flirt with Yelena Belova from Osborn's team.
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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Avengers – Red Zone | Comics

When a deadly biological weapon starts killing off people, The Avengers tracks back its root to United States government.

In South Dakota, a strange red cloud starts infecting and killing people like a plague nearing Mount Rushmore. As it starts spreading, police and F.E.M.A. quickly arrives to help, followed by The Avengers. Sending off a kid into a rescue chopper, Captain America heads over to the crowd to offer his help, waiting for his team to show up.

He is joined by Ant-Man, Jack of Hearts, Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Vision and Warbird but they are halted by U.S. military. Wanda Maximoff uses her hex powers to concentrate and was able to redirect the cloud temporarily. Ignoring military warnings, Avengers wear protective suits to enter red cloud and assess what has lead to this disaster.

In a government research facility, Dr. Bill Foster confirms Iron Man that this is a bio-terrorist attack for sure. Black Panther adds that Wakanda can help neutralize its effects by creating an enzyme but is interrupted by U.S. Secretary of Defense. Since Avengers are no longer sponsored by United States, they both are asked to leave.

T'Challa managed to steal a blood sample from lab that was being analyzed earlier before they were escorted out. Meanwhile, Cap and rest of his team goes deep into the roots of this deadly mess while leaving Carol Danvers behind to assist U.S. troops and help organize in quarantined area due to her status as former project leader at NASA.

avengers red zone marvel comics geoff johns olivier coipel andy lanning
Avengers – Red Zone | Comics

Finding a way into an underground secret lab, Cap discovers that a U.S. bio-weapon research center is behind this deadly cloud all along. He collects dog tags of all fallen soldiers and Wanda finds multiple bullet holes on entrance door. Vision failed to access its scrambled data and Scott Lang learns this secret program is called "Project Bloodwash".

Leaving Jack Hart behind to aid him, rest of his team moves along to find more anyone who is responsible for this carnage. Scott sends his findings to Tony about how this weapon was being designed to kill all non-white humans. Stark was working with Black Panther to come up with a cure but are ambushed and captured by U.S. Army.

She-Hulk opens up a gate that was housing a group of A.I.M. soldiers who then shot at her and damaged her suit. When they faced Vision, one of them tried to throw a grenade and ended up killing all of their own. Jack is ordered to take Jennifer out on surface quickly, as she has now changed into her human form, infected by the virus.

Scott Lang eventually discovered who spearheaded "Project Bloodwash" but before they could move outside, She-Hulk came back tossing Jack Hart at them. In a momentary fit of rage, she smashes her teammates and heavily wrecks Vision. Wanda managed to convey a distress message seeking help that is received by Carol Danvers.

As T'Challa tries to find a way to escape, Tony Stark calls in his Iron Man suit to their unknown location of captivity. Secretary of Defense, Dell Rusk talks to Avengers official U.N. liaison Henry Peter Gyrich about how his given access codes for personal stuff of the heroes are not working and then excuses him upon receiving a call from President.

Gyrich went outside to meet Avenger member Falcon and report on his recent progress of digging dirt on Secretary Rusk lately but their conversation is interrupted shortly when Sam Wilson is shot out of nowhere. Dell Rusk then came out of bushes holding a gun and shot at Gyrich as well before revealing him to be villainous Red Skull.

avengers red zone project bloodwash mount rushmore marvel comics geoff johns olivier coipel andy lanning
Red Death Soars

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Avengers V3 70

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Avengers – Red Zone (Softcover)

Avengers – Red Zone (Hardcover)

Returning once again on his brief stint on Avengers comic-book, writer Geoff Johns (Avengers – Standoff, The Thing – Freakshow) teams-up with artist Olivier Coipel (Avengers – Lionheart of Avalon, The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed) for "Red Zone" storyline, which collects issues #65-70 of third ongoing volume from Marvel Comics.

After a biological weapon originated in Mount Rushmore starts killing civilians, The Avengers responded as quickly as they could but were halted by United States government officials in every steps. One of Captain America's oldest rivals would return for vengeance to bring the system to its knees and having all of its minorities killed.

avengers red zone red skull johann shmidt country secretary of defense dell rusk marvel comics geoff johns olivier coipel andy lanning
Red Skull Country

Instead of fighting alien races or super-villains Cap and his friends are forced to fight against a corruption within system that they try to protect. Therefore, powerful heroes like Scarlet Witch and Warbird were mostly sitting in the sidelines. It took some detective work of Falcon and Henry Gyrich to flush out the real culprit behind this mess.

In times of crisis, T'Challa and Tony Stark try to put their differences away to save lives in present as well as in future. Meanwhile, She-Hulk goes berserk and has savagely beaten up one of her teammate before running away. Trying to find and bring her back again, Avengers will be heading out up next in "Search for She-Hulk" storyline.
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Wednesday, August 6, 2003

The Avengers | Comics

The Incredible Hulk was once tricked by the Asgardian god of mischief; Loki to attack the god of thunder, Thor. When Thor and Hulk engaged in battle, Iron ManAnt-Man and Wasp joined them to finally defeat Loki. They banded together as a team to fight super-villains or major disasters, calling themselves The Avengers.

avengers marvel comics
The Avengers | Comics

When resurfaced, super-soldier Captain America also joined the team and is offered leadership of the team, which he accepts. He soon enlists the marksman Hawkeye, the mutant sorceress Scarlet Witch and the speedster Quicksilver in their roster. In their upcoming years of action, the X-Men member Beast also served as a team member for a certain time.

Together they fought Captain America's oldest enemy Red Skull, Baron Zemo and Crossbones, Fantastic Four's arch-nemesis Doctor Doom, Iron Man's business rival turning Wonder Man, the master of time and space; Kang the Conqueror, X-Men's arch-nemesis Magneto and many other powerful foes.

The team has expanded greatly over the years, where some become the constant member of the team and others remaining as supporting members. Heroes like Spider-Man, She-Hulk, and the Kree superhero Captain Marvel also briefly served in the ranks of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The android Vision, who was programmed by Ultron to destroy them also joined their cause once realizing their intention of greater good. The Avengers have also went up against The Mad Titan; Thanos on several occasions.

For more information on The Avengers comics series, you can check out these links below.

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marvel comics siege
All Avengers Assembled

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Avengers – The Origin of The Vision

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Avengers – Kree/Skrull War (Softcover)

Avengers – Kree/Skrull War (Hardcover)

Avengers/Defenders War (Softcover)

Avengers/Defenders War (Hardcover)

Essential Avengers Vol 05

Essential Defenders Vol 01

Avengers – Celestial Madonna

Essential Avengers Vol 06

Avengers – The Coming of the Beast

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Essential Avengers Vol 07

Avengers – Ultron Unleashed

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Avengers – The Korvac Saga (Hardcover)

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Contest of Champions

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Siege (Softcover)

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Agents of Atlas Vs.

Mighty Avengers – Dark Reign

Mighty Avengers Vol 07 – Siege

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Dark Avengers – Siege

Heroic Age

Deadpool Vol 05 – What Happened In Vegas

Secret Avengers Vol 01 – Mission To Mars

Avengers – Next Avengers (Softcover)

Avengers – Next Avengers (Hardcover)

Avengers and The Infinity Gauntlet

Chaos War – Avengers

Captain America & The Korvac Saga

Avengers – Infinity Quest (Softcover)

Avengers – Infinity Quest (Hardcover)

Onslaught Unleashed

The Avengers; a group of adventurous superheroes united to fight villains and super powered criminals and the threats they pose, is one of the most popular title of Marvel Comics. Legendary comic creator Stan Lee (Daredevil, Doctor Strange) and Jack Kirby (Black Panther, Eternals) co-created this highly popular fan-favorite team consisting Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Giant Man and Hulk at the beginning.

the avengers comics
The Next Avengers

The series became an important title with many crossover story arcs and company wide major events like the Kree-Skrull War, The Korvac Saga, Acts of Vengeance, Operation - Galactic Storm, Maximum Security, Onslaught, Heroes Reborn, The Kang Dynasty and Avengers - Disassembled taking place in it, eventually enriching it with a history greater than the team itself and gained great popularity among the true believers.

The series is adapted into many animated TV shows, most notably The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and then in 2012, a live-action movie adaptation titled The Avengers were released from Marvel Studios.
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